SmartTiles: Video Camera Compatibility


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I used zoneminder as the DVR for my cameras then pipe the video feeds to smarttiles. This is the format of the link I use rtsp://user:pw@


flakhany can you walk me through how I can take RTSP stream (from Samsung Smartcam) and use Tinycampro app to convert feed to mjpeg so I can add it to my Smarttiles


How is this done on a MAC?


Not being a mac user I can’t say, but VLC is available for OSX and the command lines should look similar.


Can anyone point me in the right direction for the issue with video not filling tile?


Is there a relatively cheap camera that works out of the box with Smarttiles? I just started using Smarttiles a few days ago and would love to have an inexpensive camera inside my garage. This way if the sensor triggers I can check to see if its my kids or something else. I’ve looked at several on Amazon but not seeing a whole lot saying they are MJPEG out of the box. I plan on adding some more expensive cams down the line with recording capabilities for the outside front and back but would like to get a cheap option up and running inside first. Thanks for the help in advance.


I have (4) Foscam 8910w and they work great in smarttiles. It is an older model and not the fanciest out there but they are cheap and good enough for my use.


Thanks I’ll check them out.


Anyone been able to get still frames from a DLink 932 to show up on their SmartTiles? If so, can you teach me the tricks? Thanks!

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I have a Hikvision 2042WD connected to SThings via Surveillance Station. They integrate very nicely.

It’s been a pain to get it working nicely with Smarttiles. Here’s what I found.

(There is some helpful info here:

I had to setup a substream on my camera. It now provides an mjpeg stream. For streaming, the URL for getting the second (or sub stream) on the first camera is:

http:// ip /Streaming/channels/102/httppreview

You can get a still via:

http:// ip /Streaming/channels/102/picture

Authentication on the camera is an issue. If you have authenticated in the browser previously, then the http://usernam:password@ip. . . . works. But it won’t keep working. I kept losing the feeds on my tablet. It would work on my desktop, but not on the tablet (or old phone). The camera seems to throw up an authentication window after the session expires regardless of whether you include the username and password. Smarttiles can’t handle that.

To get around the problem I had to include the base64 encoded “username:password” string on the URL. For example:

http:// ip /Streaming/channels/102/picture?auth=dXNlcm5hbWU6cGFzc3dvcmQx

This seems to be working nicely. I’ll keep an eye on it.

I’ve now got the phone waking up using motion detector if someone comes by and starting up via tasker. If I leave ST open, it’s there. I’ve locked down a bunch of other apps. I’m just experimenting for now. I’m going to get a cheap tablet if it works nicely. Waiting for ST version 6 to get around the login issue. . . . .

[RELEASE: v6.7] ActionTiles (formerly called "SmartTiles V6")
Best camera options for SmartThings integration
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Some quirks. You can only have one client connected to the camera’s substream. Other attempts to connect will give you an error message. And, even if you are you the only client, the stream will eventually fail. Not so great.

I set the stop motion timer to a 1 second delay. That was too much for the camera. It seems to work fine at 3 seconds. I’ve given up on live streams via STiles for now.

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I am using a different DLink cam, but I finally got it to work.

DLink (I am using model DCS-934L)
URL format to use (internal IP address and port):

There are two different username/password combinations for DLink cams. The account login for website []; the username is email address AND there is a username and password for the device itself. Both will work with the URL format above. Passwords do not have to match so make sure to use the correct PW.


Looking for some advice/help. Just bought an Amcrest DVR/closed 4 channel security system. The cameras are not IP however the DVR is linked to my router and has its own IP. My goal is to get my camera feeds into Smarttiles using VLC to convert the rtsp streams to HTTP. I followed the Amcrest link below and can get all four camera feeds to come up in VLC with no issues, however when I try to run this through my cmd line I am having issues with “subtype” being accepted. Any ideas if its possible to work around this or am I wasting time :slight_smile:

Amcrest RTSP instructions:

Code I am entering into CMD line for the VLC conversion:

vlc.exe -I dummy --play-and-exit rtsp://admin:mydvrpasswordhere@mydvriphere:8090/cam/realmonitor?channel=1&subtype=0 --sout=#transcode{acodec=none,vcodec=mjpg,vb=512,width=480,height=320}:standard{access=http{mime=multipart/x-mixed-replace;boundary=–7b3cc56e5f51db803f790dad720ed50a},mux=mpjpeg,dst=homeipaddresshere:8000/mjpeg.jpg}



Hi Guys, any one had a success setting up a camera tile with Blue Iris and credentials:
i tried:
Http://user:password@IP:portcamera/video.mjpeg and without success.
tried difference variations. as long as i set BI with authentication on both LAN and external it doesnt work.
if i set to “no authentication for LAN” it works …
anyone had good luck with getting BI to show camera in smarttiles without compromising authentication?


Hi All-

I know that the question was asked in the beginning of this thread; however, I did not see any responses to his specific question, which is the same question I want to know; is it possible to integrate Arlo with Smart Tiles??

I recently purchased the New Arlo Pro system for the new features of being completely wireless, free cloud storage, rechargeable batteries and 2-way communication; however, I have two iPads mounted in our walls running Smart Tiles and the ability to integrate video camera is on my high priority list, as I like the idea of just being able to walk over and check on a camera feed to see status, as opposed to grabbing my cell phone for convenience!

I made the “assumption” that Arlo would be an easy integration, since it is a “supported” camera; however, after purchasing and installing, I see that I was wrong and that is not the case! In addition, they come with a separate router, which I assume will make trying to integrate this solution even harder if not impossible for the moment?

I hope that I’m wrong and someone on this thread has a work around, as I like the cameras based on my needs.


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All… I got it working without the re-auth need… (Maybe someone said this below but didn’t see it… I’m using Jessie/Chromium and had the same issue. I used the chromium switch “–allow-cross-origin-auth-prompt” and it passes through no problem and no need for the extra tile click. Now if I can just get it to work in H.264 without the camera forcing MJPEG!


Nice work. Aren’t there security/vulnerability consequences with allowing that, though?

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Mmm, some, but no more than the pop-ups you get when you hit your camera directly. And… Certainly no more than letting a 3rd party API like SmartTiles have, in essence, access to unlock your doors, etc… From the SmartTiles app side though, it just stores the URL and passes it on your local network… That is why, for example, if you make the IP of your cam, the local address, say 192.168.x, it works… The call made to your camera is made right from the browser you are running smart tiles on, it doesn’t go back out to SmartTiles.


Thanks for responding. I was thinking more along the lines of security/vulnerability issues with all web surfing, given that the setting is browser-wide. Disabling the security features of Chrome has security ramifications for all sites visited, not just those related to SmartTiles? Also, using the internal IP is OK if you are only accessing your devices from inside the network. I use a second hub and multiple Android phones running IP Webcam to monitor my camp from afar, so I have to maintain a Dynamic DNS and pass the cameras through the firewall which unfortunately precludes me from using the internal IP address.


Hi, can you elaborate on what you did?
i got it working with using VLC and grabbig the RTSP switching it to HTTP on my internal network only.
Since i use SmartTiles to be on a dedicated laptop on the wall inside my network only i am ok with adding the cameras i want over internal IP HTTP.
But i wish Smart Tiles would support Blue Iris authentication.
i did not want to cancel BI “secure only” base64 auth access… …
the only way i was able to do this is to use VLC to re-encode for MJPEG but i still hate the fact i had to give direct access to a specific camera, even though its inside my own network…