SmartTiles: Video Camera Compatibility

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I have a TrendNet TV-IP311PI that’s tied into a Synology NAS. I know the camera does a mpeg over http and rstp but I can’t figure out the URL.

Anyone know what that URL is so I can try to plug it into the dashboard?

I case this helps anybody, I wanted to share how I bought an IP Camera and integrated into my home automation through the ActiON Dashboard for under $40.

If you are not familiar with Ali Express it’s time to get familiar with it as they have by far the cheapest prices for just about everything; most product come directly from China and as long as you don’t mind waiting 30-45 days, shipping is normally free. One last plus for Canadians is because of the the Canada/China Free Trade Agreement, you don’t get dinged with extra customs/duty.
Needless to say I bought my IP Cam from Ali Express, LINK:

Once my camera arrived, I set it up with the system that came with it (P2P). I then used this site: to get it ready for integration into my ActiON dashboard.

Integration with the ActiON Dashboard was one of the easier tasks as @625alex has made it as simple as naming the Camera and entering the code. Initially I only had the code for a static picture/snapshot of when it loaded the dashboard http://IPADDRESS:PORT/index.htm/snapshot.cgi?loginuse=USERNAME&loginpas=PASSWORD and I was happy with this, but I really wanted a live stream. I used the same code that was listed for Foscam: http://IPADDRESS:PORT/index.htm/videostream.cgi?&user=USERNAME&pwd=PASSWORD and BINGO, it worked.

I decided to leave both the snapshot and the live feed, which has been a good option as sometimes the live feed does not load but the snapshot has always worked and at the very least allows me to see into my house.

I hope this helps anybody that is wanting to add video to their home automation but has a low budget.


I will be looking into refreshing the static streams periodically. I will revisit video camera support once I’m done with some other core functionality.

Although the current price is $50 USD, this is probably still a good deal.

If anyone knows where to get an IP camera for less than $50 or closer to home, please share.

I use two foscam knockoffs from Amazon and they work well with the dashboard. One is EasyN and the other is Wansview, both I think are under $50. They also work with TinyCamera app where you can do the pan/tilt stuff. And yes, it works with iSpy also.

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I was able to finally figure out how to connect my TrendNet camera. In case anyone else is looking the URL is http://USERNAME:PASSWORD@IPADDRESS/Streaming/channels/1/httpPreview

The documentation I saw online had channels/2/ but 1 works for me so you might need to adjust that.

Working great in the dashboard now.

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@625alex here are some foscam deals you can get the lower res model for $49.99 USD or the higher res model for $69.99 shipped from US I think.

FI8918W Black - $49.99 w/ coupon code "918SALEUS"

FI8918W White - $49.99 w/ coupon code "918SALEUS"

FI8918W Black - 56.99 CAD w/ coupon code "918SALECA"

FI8918W White - 56.99 CAD w/ coupon code "918SALECA"

FI9821W Black - $69.99 - Use coupon "SALEUS9821"

FI9821W White - $69.99 - Use coupon "SALEUS9821"

FI9821W Black - $84.99 CAD - Use coupon "SALECA9821"

FI9821W White - $84.99 CAD - Use coupon "SALECA9821"

These deals were sent to me in an email with the FI9821 model being an older email so i’m not sure how much longer it will be valid for.

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Just a feature request— RTSP/RTP support would be great :smile:


Could you elaborate?


awesome work on the dashboard! Another feature request (unless I’m missing how to achieve this with the existing version) - is there a way to go to video stream full-screen by tapping a video stream tile on the dashboard?

It’s on my to-do list.

RTSP is used for FFMPEG (Streaming). Sample for my hikvision camera:

The paths start with rtsp:// and not http://.

Did you try pasting the path into the generic stream tile? Maybe it’s already working…

The sale codes are still valid. I will order one or more.


No Problem 123456789

Looks like the foscam code for the 9821 model doesn’t work, worked last night though

Damn it, it worked last night.

I hesitated to buy because I didn’t know if I want one or two…

Same here I hesitated for a week :frowning: Wanted 2 or 3 couldn’t decide…

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Yep, unfortunately doesn’t work. Actually, this might be more complicated then I thought. Chrome would need an RTSP player, which according to a request to Chrome, a developer stated would “never happen”. hah!

Well, back to the drawing board.

I’m actually talking to their support right now and they are giving me the discount.