SmartTiles v5.8: Deployed to Blue & Green Editions. Release notes, etc. (follow this Topic for updates...)

###What format is the “stream URL”, please?

Google / Chrome (and underlying chrome web view in Fully, very likely) has just started blocking URLs of the form: http://user:password@address; this is a huge deal, and there is no workaround that we are aware of yet.

NB: The code / SmartApp of SmartTiles hasn’t changed in over a year.

Yes, I’m using the http://user:password@address format for the URLs so that explains why it stopped working yesterday. I have gotten myself back in working order now by rolling back Fully browser(the only browser installed on my Android tablet). I then also uninstalled any updates to playstore and playservices. The combination of one of those allowed the URL video stream to be viewable again. Thanks all for clueing in me to the right direction to work around this blocking change!

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Thanks for confirming the workaround… Do you know if it is a specific Android OS version and/or Fully version that is magic here?

Video is a challenge we are taking seriously, but new issues keep being thrown at us. Dammit Google!!! :imp:

As a test, I’ve upgraded my Fully Kiosk browser to latest(v 1.18) and it still is working fine.

I’m thinking it has to be in one of the updates to Google Play Store, Google Play Services or Android System WebView that caused the blocking of the URLs. I have Android 5.0 and have no other versions so can’t really say if it affects the other OS versions. Cheers.

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This is bad news, as more and more devices will be getting this update…

It sure is!

We are “officially” tracking this issue on the ActionTiles Forum at this Topic (or perhaps others in the same category…). Please login to our Forum and use the “Follow Topic” option to get updates and/or contribute to the discussion there.

Hi I am looking any way to view my agenda(google calendar - iCal) is this possible?

The only way I’ve seen it directly implemented so far is explained here.

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Thank you again @AllJetNoPilot :slight_smile: .

But the SmartTiles developer @tgauchat can think about to added this on next release :grin:.