SmartTiles v5.8: Deployed to Blue & Green Editions. Release notes, etc. (follow this Topic for updates...)

Several concurrent threads about this issue:

Last update (V5.8) was deployed in May and nothing has changed on our end ever since.

Everything is stored and handled by SmartThings, we have no access or control of your data.

We don’t know the root cause of this issue, but my suspicion is that the encoding of state variables has changed.

There’s no known remedy at this moment.


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I confirm that the problem is with state data corruption.

I got in touch with ST folks to check it out.

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V 5.8.0 +050 Green

I have a dashboard that, instead of loading, requests to download the json file. Is it better to just dump it and try again?
{“message”:"“Unexpected error. You may be able to resolve this by opening the SmartApp Preferences for SmartTiles Dashboard named ‘Thermostat Settings’ and pressing Done (not Back) to save all screens. Visit and for further support, send complete log lines (xxxx-xxxx HH:MM:SS …) to SmartTiles Support.”",“mailto”:“”,“appVSI”:“v5.8.0-+050-Green[3]”,“error”:"“java.lang.ClassCastException”",“method”:"“html”"}

The above error or similar, is frustratingly common… particularly for newly installed / created / added dashboard instances. We have never been able to find a conclusive reason nor specific solution, except that in every situation that I know of, the problem always “resolved itself” with no or minimal action by the user.

We think it perhaps takes time for the Dashboard “web page” to distribute through SmartThings’s cloud. Just an unproved theory.

But the most common action taken is to sort of do what is described. Edit the dashboard … add or remove some Things at random, be sure to press “Done” (not “back”) on all config/preferences pages, and even Remove and recreate the Dashboard.
The other option to try is to create the dashboard under one of the other 4 (of 5) Dashboard slots, and then “Remove” the original failed Dashboard to free-up its slot.

After trying all that, give it some time, but you can also contact and give them permission to enter your account, and CC me … I can ask our back-end dev support to look more closely with the Ticket #.

Our next generation of SmartTiles “V6” is entirely different architecture that won’t have this issue; so I appreciate your patience too!

Thanks for the reply. When is V6 projected anyway?

I do love the software. It really upped the WAF.

Not saying.

Ref: Is SmartThings development dead?


This new “security” is terrible. My understanding is that the whole goal of SmartTiles is to be fast and easy to use especially for appliance/phone/tablet purposes. This requirement to login defeats that whole purpose. For example: look at - great little commercial company doing dashboards for TVs in offices and they use the same secret/random URL (aka access token) because it makes sense for the use case.

As far as the security argument, the SmartThings app opens with zero required security on my iPhone and gives me full access to everything - so where is the security in that?

At the very least this should be a configurable security option.

Ps. Thanks for all the great work. :slight_smile:


I can completely agree on the login issue. On my phone I have to log in every time that I re-connect to the page.

However, on the wall mounted tablet (always on) it works like a charm.

An option for token or cookie would be nice. Not having your password requested on the IDE page would be priceless. I think this is on the IDE website page though, not the SmartTiles app.

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Doesn’t the wall mounted tablet time out though and then require re-login?

No, I set developer mode and screen on during charging, therefore no timeout. (I also set the timeout to 30 minutes.)

On android, go to system info, tap the software version 7 times to get developer mode. go to the developer menu and select “Stay on while charging”

I’ve had luck keeping my connection by using Fully Kiosk Browser and having it auto refresh the page when idle. Current setting time every 15 minutes and when page opens. (Opening via camera trigger)

This doesn’t work for everyone. Just know it does for me.

So possibly set tablet to always on like @Ac7ss or a way to force refresh your browser your using.

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I just got this email from SmartThings.


The safety and security of your home are fundamental to our mission at SmartThings. Starting September 15, 2016, the latest versions of the SmartThings mobile app will begin using new authentication measures to help keep your home private and secure.

While this change should go mostly unnoticed, you will be logged out of the SmartThings mobile app the first time it is opened after the update.

The new version numbers of the SmartThings app that contain this change are:
• Android: 2.2.0
• iOS: 2.2.0
• Windows Phone: 1.6.2 (coming soon)
If you or your shared users forget to open the SmartThings app right away - don’t worry! Features like mobile presence that run in the background will continue to function. We do recommend updating the SmartThings mobile app as soon as possible to avoid any loss of functionality and to increase security.

If you do not update, as of December 6, 2016 you will be automatically logged out and unable to log back in until you update the app. Remind any shared users to update and log back in before that date to ensure their automations continue to run correctly.

Please note that if your phone is incompatible with SmartThings (Android OS less than 4.0 or iOS 8.1 or prior), you will be unable to receive this update. As of December 6, 2016, incompatible phones will no longer support the mobile app and you will be unable to log in.

We appreciate your understanding while we implement this improvement. For more information, please view our blog post or contact us via phone, chat, or e-mail.

Thank you,
SmartThings Support

Does this mean they are incorporating the "security changes required for V6?

This has nothing to do with V6.

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Thank you.

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Care to share for our benefit what’s the issue with tokens? Security or something else, can you elaborate.

Nope, … sorry.

#nofair 10 chars

My wife is ready to kill me, and I thought smarttiles was the answer - only to find it had logged out the next morning and she could not turn the lights on with it (luckily, I have a Pop Switch which works flawlessly every time).

I am very new to all of this, just having installed and created my first dashboards this week. Smarttiles is the best thing out there, but the dashboard logging out makes it completely useless as a home automation control center. Do I understand correctly that this will be fixed in v6, or is that wrong?

The login problem of v5 is a disaster due to changes SmartThings required of us…

But this is completely fixed in V6, and testing is going great!

Login issues aside, which have been discussed at depth, I am having troubles launching my pages on my desktop PC. They launch but it just shows plain black and white text. Launching on my mobile devices work just fine. What am I doing wrong? I am using the same launcher URL shared through my bookmarks.