SmartTiles on Xbox One

Has anyone tried this? I entered the Smarttiles url into IE on the Xbox One and it connects to SmartTiles. I then pinned it to the home page for easy access. It shows the current state well. However, controlling devices is hit or miss. I have been testing with Ge dimmers. For some reason IE does not seem to send commands everytime a button is pressed. At these times there is no activity in the logs. Sometimes dimming the switch before turning off or on works. I’m hoping someone else has tried this and could point me in the right direction.


Haven’t tried it, but why would you want to use your xbox to control smartTiles? Do the voice controls work? I assume you’ll launch the browser or snap it. I personally never liked the multi screen setup on the xbox one.

Heres another question, how the heck did you get the URL to the xbox in the first place? That’s a long ass URL to be typing in manually.

I am getting rid of cable and running all my visual media through the Xbox ( OTA TV with an old TiVo, SlingTV, Netflix and Plex). So I figured since I’m going to be in the Xbox system all the time why not try to connect to Smartthings. SmartTiles was the only way I could think of.
The voice commands are not very useful. You just control the direction to move the cursor. However, the directional keys on a regular Harmony remote work pretty well.
I did not type out that long URL. I copied and pasted it into SmartGlass.

I’ve actually had what sounds like the exact same problem with SmartTiles on my Windows Phone. It sounds like it’s some kind of a problem with the IE browser on both WinPhone and Xbox One - the first ‘tap’ of each button works, but they can only be triggered once before that button stops sending signals to ST.
I hadn’t brought it up for @625alex since I wasn’t sure where the problem was occuring, and I know he has a million other things on his plate with SmartTiles (plus the fact that this is a hobby for him, not a profession), as well as the fact that it hadn’t been a problem for my wife or myself to not have access on our phone (our purpose for the dashboard is through an android tablet on the wall).

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@swindmiller, in reviewing the posts for SmartTiles you were the only one I noticed that had used ActiOn and/or SmartTiles with Internet Explorer. I would appreciate any insight you could provide. Did you need to change SmartTiles at all to get it to work on IE? Is the current version still working on IE? Thanks.

I dont believe I have ever had a problem with it not triggering. My problem was, in IE 11, if I left the page up (idle) it would never refresh. If I clicked one of the tiles it would work fine but the “Updated” time would not change. If I manually click Refresh everything updates fine.
So my problem does not look the same as yours. I am using Chrome and Firefox now with it and it works fine.
Sorry I could not help

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Thanks for the response and no worries. This was not a high priority for me. I can wait for ST to make the Windows Phone app a Universal app. In the meantime, since I am using a harmony remote to control everything I am going to try the ir receiver to eventghost method. If all goes well for less than $20 I should be able to control my lights and trigger scenes from the remote.

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I will be reviewing SmartTiles performance on IE browsers in the next little while.

I know there are problems with Windows Phone too. The challenge is to get access to different devices with 32 and 64 bit versions of IE.

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@625alex, IE 11 breaks a lot of things. You need to invoke the “Enterprise Mode” in order to put it into the compatibility mode. IE 11 and Salesforce, AdReview, etc., have issues; that’s how I know. These are not optimized for whatever Microsoft stuck under the hood.

More reasons not to use IE and boycott and of their products that force you to use it.

Amen to that! 20 chars

Can be done at home. But good luck with that in any financial firm in the Wall Street. Nearly all of them are on IE and some on IE8. We have to support our app. on IE8 - IE11.

I haven’t had any problems with SmartTiles in IE on any of our computers (Surface Pro 3, Dell Laptop and a custom desktop, all running Windows 8.1), just the version on the phone. Sounds like it might have something to do with the ‘mobile’ variation of the browser that Xbox and Windows Phone use.

Wow! We just switched all users to IE11 and it SUCKS!

Don’t worry, Spartan will be released soon. All your problems will disappear… and will be replaced by different problems.


Yes. And than I will have to migrate everyone to Windows 10 for my next project. Lol. Now that is going to be hell on wheels.

Quick update. No improvement with Edge. Same issues, can only press on a device once. If you go to the menu and delete the history then you can select any device again, but only one time before deleting history again.
However, while contolling devices is impracticable, it is good for seeing the status of devices. Also, should be useful for viewing cameras. (I don’t have any so just speculating.)