SmartTiles, limit quantity of tiles per row

This seems like something that should be really easy, and maybe I’m just missing it.

I want to limit the width of the page so that it will only show say 8 tiles, and then start a new row.

I want to line up the contact sensor, temperature, and battery life remaining.

So if I have 8 smart things multipurpose sensors,

the first row would be
OpenClose for each 8.
Second row would be
temperature for each 8
third row would be
battery % of each.

Sorry if I’m being a bone head here, the only thing I’ve found to do it is to add a bunch of blank tiles, which gets really cumbersome on a 50+ icon dashboard.

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I wanted to do the same kind of thing on my tablet installed on the wall. I got it done by simply playing with the zoom setting of the browser itself. I have multiple dashboards and I can make them appear different by using unique zoom settings on each Chrome. One of my dashboards not shown is strictly SmartAlarm only so I zoomed that page about 125% and I have 7 tiles wide and 4 rows high showing.

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Great question…

SmartTiles V6 will offer “containers” to sub-group Tiles, which might help in this situation. I’ll tag @625alex so we remember to consider if there are any ways that we can put parameters on the containers such as setting a “line wrap” limit.

The other possible implementation I can think of off-the-bat would be the ability to insert completely invisible Tiles that have special features like … a “line break” Tile.

Thanks for all the responses. The zoom isn’t really feasible in this case as it’s a 1920x1080 laptop screen, so those are some huge icons, and makes the page too long.

I’m sort of going for a consistency of look and feel between interfaces, tablets, laptop, etc.

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