SmartTiles Dashboard v5.6.1: New features (SHM), Bug Fixes, Diagnostics - Dec 11, 2015

Create a virtual Momentary button for the open close?

Yes. The momentary will be used to open it and then also to close it.

Here’s a thread with some info on the Momentary button.

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Well… you are certainly right that it wasn’t easy - but I learnt a hell of a lot about CSS in the process!


Looks terrific!

Would you mind sharing the CSS? I suppose a lot must be custom to your specific Tiles, but it might inspire some others…

To move a tile around:

[data-device="ENTER DEVICE ID HERE"] {
left: 0px !important;
top: 670px !important;

you have to find something unique about that tile to target it. In this case I have used the data device attribute. However it is possible that you may have multiple tiles for the same device. If you cannot find an attribute which is unique then you can use two attributes with a comma separating them, that together make it unique.

To remove the icon:

[data-device="ENTER DEVICE ID HERE"] .icon > i::before {
content: "" !important;

To put your own icon (you’ll still need to remove the original with the code above as well):

[data-device="ENTER DEVICE ID HERE"] .icon {
background: url( ENTER URL OF IMAGE FOR ICON HERE ) no-repeat center center transparent !important;
background-size: contain !important;

To put in your own text anywhere (for a title or something):

[data-device="ENTER DEVICE ID HERE"]::after {
content: "ENTER TEXT";
position: absolute;
top: -30px !important;

There is a lot of talk about CSS and appearances, and as such I hope I am in the right place for the question I am posing. There seems like two main areas of home automation. The ‘low’ end (price, price per month, install, etc) like SmartThings and the high end area, say Control4. What, IN MY OPINION is one of the biggest things that set the high end apart is the clean, all encompassing, interface. I understand that is driven by a strong backbone and the cost to bring all that together. Now, it seems like SmartTiles has done an amazing job of bridging that gap, and I am a BIG fan of all the work you guys put into it. I have digressed slightly from the point I was trying to make… What I really want to do is centralize my tablet/wall panel/user interface into a central point for my home automation. SmartTiles is really a key to controlling the lighting/heating/locks/you get it but where I struggle is the rest of the smart/connected devices I have. Every electronic device I have (you understand) has some type of interface and a connected application that goes along with it. Prior to getting into the SmartThing, I used these devices switching between applications and struggling along the way. I then decided to get the Amazon Echo in hopes that by telling my good friend Alexa what I wanted her to do, she would listen. For the most part that works. In order this, I then discovered you can control a lot of devices by voice if you buy the Harmony Hub. So I did. I then realized that this opened a door, but only a crack. It allows me to turn a device on and off by voice, but changing channels and turning volume up and down, mute, etc. became almost impossible. I know there are a few work around’s with 100’s of activities for each channel and it is silly and cumbersome. So, back to my tablet I want to go.

You can start here, and skip the long winded prior paragraph:
How do I make a streamline interface for all of my applications? I have taken the URL and put it as a single launch button on an iOS home screen, which opens the website and thus all of my tiles. With this version, it looks like you can have a central dashboard which you can set 5 tiles for things like ‘lights’ ‘comfort’ ‘security’ and it will launch into another dashboard. One of the items I added to this dashboard was a website I wrote for the 6 zone Monoprice controller so i can adjust volume in all of my rooms. I found that there is no back button, so I had to create a back into the application but that seems to work. How do others streamline their TV experience? Do you close out of the application and do everything from Harmony application? Do you use each application individually? Open TV, turn it on. Open AT&T/Comcast/dish and turn on. Open Onkyo,Denon,etc and turn on the stereo? Do you run it all from Harmony and adjust lighting and such from there? What do you do to really streamline the whole process into the simplest form? Ultimately trying to improve usability and increase the WAF (I mean really, aren’t we all?)

Hopefully I am not hijacking this thread, and I really do look forward to feedback and value it very much.

If you are unsure what I am talking about, you can watch this link around the 1:10 mark.


I’m definitely enjoying the discussion and have had many similar thoughts.

Discussions of “Themes”, etc., tend to land in the Topic below, but, meh, here or there, whatever…

Has anyone been able to access these two addresses below?

I am not able to access them.

Tile order can now be edited outside of the SmartTiles “SmartApp configuration pages” by going to URL:<your_SmartTiles_AppID_from_the_Dashboard_URL>/list

Custrom CSS can now be edited outside of the SmartTiles “SmartApp configuration pages” by going to URL:<your_SmartTiles_AppID_from_the_Dashboard_URL>/css

smarttiles is closed source, I think in lieu of monetizing the smartapp because donationware doesn’t cut it as not enough people donate

@Automatic00 ere did the original links come from? The URL doesn’t appear correctly in your post.

Dang! You’re right!

A bunch of things change with SmartThings’s authentication over the past day (or few?) and this is a new side effect. Normally this would just prompt you for your SmartThings password. Weird.

One workaround:
Add your “access-token” (from the normal dashboard URI)…


It seems that you can probably use URL without the “access_token” if you first login to and not logout (i.e., it appears that SmartThings no longer automatically redirects you to the login prompt automatically).

This is worrying me that there might be more side effects yet to appear; @625alex, @slagle.


I have the URL to my dashboard saved in my bookmarks.

All I have to do is go to it and then change out the “ui” to either CSS or List depending on what I want to do.

This is the same concept as Terry mentioned above for adding your access-token, however this is doing it without ever removing it (because you are likely having to copy something over for the appid anyway, why not just copy the whole URL?)

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:point_up_2: @pstuart This is part of the reason we don’t sell anything. Because people will ask for their money back!

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I’ve not been able to access my dashboard for 2 days now.

I get this:

This XML file does not appear to have any style information associated with it. The document tree is shown below.

Full authentication is required to access this resource

Do you use an Access Token or manual Login?
If you use a Token, then try going into the SmartApp Preferences and use the “Revoke / Reset Token” option and get a new URL for the dashboard.

I don’t know if this is related or just my own ghost, but…

A couple days ago, I had a situation where one of my Android-based ST dashboards suddenly stopped displaying the ST dashboard page (I have a uniquely-configured ST dashboard layout for each separate room/install location; which also reveals the limit to how many dashboards I can have with the current allotment). Anyway…When I walked into the room and turned my head to look at the dashboard on the wall, I was puzzled to see it only displaying a white page with (I think) a single line of text about something not working.

I closed the browser and all other apps. When I clicked the link on the homescreen for the desired dashboard configuration for this room, it seemed to wait for a very long time until it started bringing up anything, and then…after the waiting…it just put up the same white page with text at the top, stating that it isn’t working or something (I can’t recall if I saved the text anywhere, but if it’s important enough to anyone, let me know and I will check).

Then, I checked another wall-mounted SmartTiles dashboard and it was working just fine (evidenced by the correct, most recently updated data being displayed; including temp sensors in and outside the house, the screen turning on when motion happens, and the seconds ticking away on the video feed from one of the front porch cams).

I even fully closed all apps and tested, and then I rebooted and tested, and it worked with every type of check I could think of.

Then, I tried to access the dashboard URL for the bad one on the good one, and it seemed to come up at first…but later, it seemed to get stuck waiting for a long time to bring up the page…I just can’t recall for sure whether or not it ever fully brought it up (hopefully that doesn’t matter after the next part of the story).

Then, I revoked the URL for that child. When I copied and tried the URL for the dashboard after the revoke, it worked just fine again on every machine I tested; including the one that originally had the problem I mentioned earlier.

So, it’s back to good, working condition. :slight_smile:

Now, without any more diagnostic data to go on, do you have any idea what happened there?
I’m not freaked out. Just curious.

Oh ya…thanks again for giving us such a cool tool. This is an indispensable component of an integrated, well thought-out Smart system.

I have a room where I don’t have a smart light switch in yet, but since I have an Android SmartTiles dashboard on the wall right above the switches, I’m able to play with some smart bulbs for a while and use the dashboard to turn them on and off until I replace the light switch in this room. It’s not as instant as an actual wall switch of course (I have to wait a couple seconds after motion in room for the screen to turn on), but the cool factor helps me get by until switch replacement day. :slight_smile:

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We’re curious too, but we are aware that SmartThings is in the midst of various changes with respect to authorizations and so on. There are some security weak spots, so I know there are teams anxious to tighten stuff up.

Unfortunately, they haven’t shared the details with us (not even telling us that a change will or has been made!).

Given that limited information, we are not surprised that Revoke / Reset of access tokens is resolving problems like you experienced.

The error text was as follows…
{“error”:true,“type”:“java.lang.reflect.UndeclaredThrowableException”,“message”:“An unexpected error occurred.”}

Yah… can’t do much with that … need the DEBUG or TRACE level of Live Logging output.

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Oh ya, that…I hope to remember the next time SomeThing goes wacko. :slight_smile:

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