SmartTiles Dashboard v5.6.1: New features (SHM), Bug Fixes, Diagnostics - Dec 11, 2015

Please turn on “Debug” or even “Trace” Logging Level in the configuration for the dashboard, watch Live Logging, and send to us:

  • Log Level setting (for diagnostic output to IDE Live Logging US or UK added under “Preferences” (defaults to “Error” only).

Is there anyway to show air quality (Get this from my Netatmo connection). Also what about Smoke Detectors (aka Nest Protect)? Thanks for a great app just getting started with this, but will have a donation going your way shortly.


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Unlike SmartThings, SmartTiles doesn’t have direct access to the “metadata{}” section of the Device Type Handlers which are used to describe arbitrary UIs for any arbitrary Device Type.

So SmartTiles has to be coded specifically for each Capability.

Smoke and others are on our todo list; but most resources are focused on the overhaul development… Version 6.

Fantastic thank you!

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I have quite a lot of other queries now!

  1. Is it possible to do custom layouts? (rather than each device one after another)
  2. is it possible to set the size of each tile individually?
  3. is it possible to add blank tiles?
  4. is it possible to add tile that doesn’t link to a device but contains custom text (for the purposes of explaining stuff to people looking at the page)
  5. Is it possible to set a custom name for a tile that is not the exact device name?
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1 - Maybe.
2-5 - Yes, but not easily.

All tiles and their properties are CSS addressable. You could mock any layout with blank tiles. You could mock blank tiles with dummy link tiles.

These are just hints and theory. In practice, it would be very difficult to accomplish this, unless you really want it. Unfortunately we don’t have the resources to walk you all the way through this. Some useful information could be found here:

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Keep in mind that SmartTiles Version 5.x is really just a “proof-of-concept / prototype” application – really!!!

Version 6 (“V6”?) is under development (no release date, don’t-ask-thank-you-very-much)

We are keeping the best parts – i.e., the concept of browser based, flat, fast, and simple; while reworking the entire back-end for performance efficiency and cleaner and more granular approaches to security.

This new framework will be the foundation for considering all future feature requests. The ideas you have are great … and some have already gone through consideration and might even slip into some of the early releases. Others are going to take longer or may be rejected in favor of higher value ones or alternative approaches.

Thanks for your input and enthusiasm! :fireworks:

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Fairly new to SmartThings and even newer to SmartTiles, but be enjoying it quite a bit so far.

I do have a quick question. I’ve got a fan connected to a GE Fan Controller switch and a custom device by ChadCK to control the fan inside of SmartThings (removes the sliders and replaces with Low/Med/High buttons — much much better device). The problem I’m running into is no matter how I add the switch to SmartTiles, I can’t get the tile to turn the fan on and controlling speed is extremely hit or miss. The fan does turn off using the button inside of SmartTiles but not back on. Does anyone have any tips for how to get this to work (and additionally if there is an easier way to control the speeds.


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I’d be tempted to go as far as creating up to 5 Virtual Momentary in SmartThings, and use a linking SmartApp which sets a distinct one for on/off/low/med/high.

But there are alternatives following the same concept. For example, you could use a Virtual Dimmer Switch instead – on, off are obvious, and the dimming slider could map (10-30)% = low, (40-70)% = med, (80-100%) = high. Actually… this is the cleaner of the two ideas, … right?

(Switches in SmartTiles are a little dependant on the reliability of State reporting from the Switch so that they can toggle on and off … but so is the basic on/off Tile in SmartThings own app, I suppose.)

Thanks for the info. As I get switches installed this app will definitely help with the wife approval.

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Thanks for the work- Love SmartTiles- going to invest in an android tablet and mount it in place of the old house alarm.

My question is: Is it possible to display a notification when security has been breeched?

No, to our knowledge it’s not possible with the current API. We are following the API changes and will certainly try to implement this feature when possible.

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Awesome stuff AdamV - kind of "a programmable multidevice remote control"
Really cool and surely lots of WAF.

lots of WAF - that was the idea!

Mod- please delete post.

So, I noticed the same thing as @Spinny did (he mentioned it in the v5.5 thread…SmartTiles Dashboard v5.5: Added UK :uk:, 5 × Dashboards, and more! Nov 6, 2015 ) about the multisensor open/close events not showing today in the SmartTiles event history. Yesterday they showed. I have both vibration/acceleration & contact set in my dashboard. In fact, I have all four multisensor tiles on my dashboard. The contact sensor tile shows open and closed when applicable on the SmartTiles dashboard itself, it just doesn’t register in the event history. Also as @Spinny stated, the open/close events show when you look at the sensor’s recent activity directly. The temperature and vibration events are shown in SmartTiles history, just not the open/close events.

My log level is set to INFO. I tried the other four options as well, but nothing changed.

I just finally got a chance to test a door with a multi on it, and I can confirm it as well.

My other contact sensors (Ecolinks) report the open/close.
My multi is only reporting vibration and temp in the event history.

“Log Level” only affects diagnostic logging; i.e., the level of detail in the output of:

SmartTiles picks up the Event data history from SmartThings, but if the SmartThings cloud is out-of-sync, it could possibly drop events from the report.

Let’s see if this is a transitory problem; and otherwise reduce it to a confirmed reproducible case that we can raise up to SmartThings support.

Logical… perhaps; practical – no.

SmartThings barely can coordinate and stabilize their own API and a major chunk of their substantial resources are dedicated to the concept of SmartThings as a “Platform” and ensuring interoperability of services.

Working on the integration of two “ad-hoc” Community Developed SmartApps, still both in evolving development, is not a bad idea, but it has pretty substantial ongoing effort requirements, so it really can’t be assigned high priority for us.

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@diehllane, @elprup, @Spinny and others. I just tested my own app (I’m running the same code as everyone else) and I can confirm that I see all events from my sensors: contact, vibration and temperature.

There have been previous cases of ST cloud servers going out of sync. Let’s wait a bit to see if the problem resolves itself. It usually does. In this case there’s nothing we can do on our end.

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