SmartTiles Dashboard v5.5: Added UK 🇬🇧, 5 × Dashboards, and more! Nov 6, 2015

Correct, unfortunately. We can’t distribute the source code anymore.

So… keep any instances that you have as bonuses (there are no serious known risks as of the time of writing), and install the new SmartTiles (Connect) to create up to 5 additional dashboards per Account Location.

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Has someone tried to use html5 music player on android and then link the page from smart tiles?
Would it be possible to have a music player integrated in a single tile, something similar to the weather tile?

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Anything is possible … well, except time travel.

SmartTiles V6 will have more flexibility for us to create specialized Tiles. As you’re aware, SmartThings has a growing API for creating UI’s that are a part of each Device Type Handler (i.e., the various sub-tiles, sliders, colors, etc.). SmartTiles can currently offer somewhat more eloquent designs, but that’s because we can directly use HTML and CSS elements.

SmartThings does not give us access to the metadata that defines the UI for a Device Type. We can just access the same Attributes and Commands as any other SmartApp. The Weather Tile is pulling all it’s data from the optional SmartThings Smart Weather Station Device.

So in regards to enhancing media player control, the question rises whether or not it should start with a SmartThings Device Type, or if we develop our own specifications for customized tiles, or if they are to be done on a case-by-case one-off basis.

For example, we’d love to integrate more closely with Keen Home Smart Vents. Amazing product and they deserve a customized control (or at least a control that reflects the unique features of a controllable vent as opposed to any other type of Switch…). We’re working on it…


I’m a little confused (most of the time) but it appears this is the right place to ask questions - please correct me if I’m wrong!

My Hive thermostat is not a thing recognised by ST, but it can respond to SMS messages. It can understand “boost” commands (heating on for one hour), and it can set temperature either permanently (not so useful) or temporarily until the next programmed temperature takes over (more useful)
IFTTT can send text messages.

Soooooo… is there any way of having a button on my SmartTiles that can fire off a text message? Just the Boost would be good, if the temperature can be done too then that’s a bonus. It just needs to send a string as a text when pressed for boost.

need help with a dashboard video config. any help appreciated. I have setup a video stream tile in the past that I no longer want. How can I go about deleting it. Once you put something in the video stream (title/address) box, blanking out the setting will not save nor can I find a delete stream button. anybody have any suggestions?

This is a known issue in SmartTiles – although, frankly, we’re not sure yet if it may actually be a SmartThings bug, though it that case, we may have to come up with a workaround anyway. Some people are reporting that this happens with SMS/text message numbers too.

Let me know your mobile OS and SmartThings app version.

thanks. I’ve only asked since it wasnt in the FAQ section. Not a big deal if you don’t find a solution. my work around now would be to find another public stream to fill the empty tile (maybe a puppy stream).
android STv2.05.

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Yah… adding to FAQ is a good idea… though I wonder how many people actually read that page :worried:… Oh… over 100 hits / day to the info page in general.

You could create a Simulated button as a new device in the ide.

Then using the SmartThings app setup the Notify Me When app to send a text when the button is pushed and put the required message in the message details section.

Now add this button to the SmartTiles dashboard.

Repeat for the second text requirements and you’re all set.


Great, that’s a fantastic start thanks.
Unfortunately I’ve run into two problems - the first is that Hive doesn’t support “Boost” over text - you can only set the temperature, or turn on and off. I have no idea why I thought it did, but it’s a feature that’s been requested and no more.
So, to Boost I’d need to send a text, and then wait an hour and send another - the first saying “HEAT 22” and the one an hour later saying “HEAT AUTO”. That will emulate the boost function.

The second problem is a bit more severe - I can’t get Notify Me When to send a text! It does a push notification fine, but I put my own phone number in to debug it (I need to see what number the text arrives from, in order to whitelist that number with Hive) and the message never arrives via SMS.

Back to the drawing board… but thanks for the help mechanimal82.

you can try Rule Machine instead of Notify Me When. You can set it up to do the same thing as Notify Me When.

Thanks, I’ve run into a more serious problem though. Well, one serious and one irritating.

The irritating one is that Hive doesn’t support a Boost text command, I can only turn heating on/off and set temperature. So to emulate a Boost I’d need to send a command (“HEAT AUTO 22”) and then wait an hour before sending “HEAT AUTO” to put it back to schedule. This timeout seems to be an issue with Notify Me When, I’ll go and check Rules Machine

The dealbreaker though is that Hive will only accept a +44 UK number to go on it’s whitelist of numbers allowed to control the heating. SmartThings SMS messages come from a +1 202 number. I’ve reached out to Hive support to see if this can be overriden, I suspect my answer will be something relevant to the fact they’re just about to launch their own ST style devices (bulbs, sockets, motion sensors, door sensors) and they’d rather not provide cross-platform compatibility.

When you put your number in make sure you put +44 and remove the leading 0. The text will come from a US number so you need the county code.

Ah, just seen your latest comment. Maybe try linking with IFTTT to send a text, not sure if this comes from a UK number though.

Yeah, sorry I neglected to say I finally figured out that one! Sometimes I forget there’s a big wide world out there… Thanks though :slight_smile:

Right. So, latest state of play is:

Binned the simulated button, went for a switch.
Used IFTTT (since it works with switches, not buttons) to send a HEAT AUTO 22 message from my phone to Hive when turned on, and HEAT AUTO message from my phone when turned off. So I’m using IFTTT to generate the texts from my own phone, hence it’s a UK number, and they’re quite happy with that.

So the remaining issue is to work out how to toggle a switch back off when it’s been on for 60 minutes. I saw someone mention something about an energy SmartApp so I’ll go hunt that out.

Thanks all so far for help with this!

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Great that you’re finding help with this Chris!
Would you do us big favor and spin off a new Topic for this, though, as it is no longer SmartTiles specific?

This type of integration of SMS with IFTTT via Virtual Switches (etc!) will be useful to a lot of folks.

This appears to be a SmartThings bug. New Topic(s) created:

I just tried installing smart tiles and I get this same message. The only unofficial device type I’m running is for Nest. I removed that device from Smart Tiles but still get the same message.

Thanks for letting us know. @625alex and I have reports of this error from a few users, but not very many, so we are having difficulty pinning it down.

You can send a note, please, to: so we don’t clutter the Topic with personal debugging steps.

If you know how to use SmartThings API/IDE Live Logging some of that output may give you or us vital clues. Start Live Logging just prior to the actions that cause the error message… etc. Similarly, and Firebug or Chrome Debugger output can be helpful.

But in the meantime, feel welcome to experiment by using one of the additional child dashboards with zero device tiles (i.e., just the default tiles), and/or no temperature based tiles, no weather tile, … i.e., a few simple combinations to see if you find that any particular ones work and which ones don’t.


Is there a way to have SmartTiles actually “control” instead of just “View state of things” my Linear GD00Z-4 garage door opener? I have just installed SmartTiles and created my first dashboard, but I cannot seem to find my Garage Door under the “Control things” part of the app.

Good job on the rest of it though!!!

Thanks for your help.

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