SmartTiles Dashboard 5.4.2 - July 13 (

Yes, and I get at HTTP 500 error: "type Exception report

message Cannot get property ‘authentication’ on null object

description The server encountered an internal error that prevented it from fulfilling this request."


&t=120 not just =120 . Works on chrome and Firefox and safari for me. Are you using some else?

Ahh, yes. Sorry. I’m using Chrome on a Nexus tablet…I can adjust the number at the end, but chrome auto formats the tiles and rearranges them. oof.

I guess this is a lost cause.

Thanks for the help gents.

Sorry I left out the ampersand. Figured that you understood that it was needed as well.

Nothing is a lost cause. You have a thread where the developer of the web dashboard participates.

Let me restate what you are trying to accomplish so that it is clarified.

You would like the bottom row of tiles that have the basic size tiles to be equal in size to that of the tiles that are above that row of tiles. So everything looks “uniform” You relate that when Chrome auto arranges it automatically pushes the bottom row of tiles down a bit so that the bottoms of the tiles at the bottom of the display have the bottoms cut off.

This issue only occurs in landscape mode and does not occur when the tablet is rotated and is in portrait mode.

Is that a good description of the issue? Please add or remove as necessary. This will undoubtedly be something that others have or will experience. Also, you are aware that you can assign the location of the tiles within the SmartTiles.Click Preferences section - correct?


TLDR; Can you post the working css code as a reply to this message so we can all try out the formatting , colors, and configuration?

I like the themes that are available for the app. However , I have seen some screen grabs of some custom CSS dashboard configurations.

I am eager to cut and paste some of these custom .css code snipetts into the field that allows custom code within the app.

Anyone care to post working bits of css here so that we don’t go mucking things up within that css area. There is a warning that I want to heed that states some forms of css if done incorrectly can cause the app to no longer function.

Yes, you change the base tile size and they rearrange. Tiles can only be square.

You might find complete CSS blocks here:

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I have only just stumbled across this awesome interface and started reconfiguring my Virtual buttons to make it work well with this layout. Unfortunately when I too went to install the code in the IDE I also see the message that it is now closed source. The website still links to the Github page but there is no code to copy.

Please tell me this is temporary…otherwise…insert [sad face] here.

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I don’t know if this still works, but there was another method to install it here:
You can (could?) use that for the first instance.

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How Do you access this in the version 2.xx app since they got rid of smartlabs.

Honestly not sure. Guess I’ll find out when I get my new hub. I hope I can get it back!

It will show up in your SmartApps after you install it and authorize it on the website.

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The source is closed permanently, I’m afraid. I really should update the documentation.

The new version that is in the works will allow you to create multiple dashboards. Stay tuned.

There is no Smart Labs anymore? I haven’t used the new app much, but I will check and post back.


Great news…I appreciate the work you have put in so far and I look forward to the new version.


Discovered your wonderful app over the weekend and just made a donation. Keep up the good work. So sorry to hear you were taking heat for this. This is a wonderful replacement for the new “no dashboard” SmartThings v2 app. Too bad they didn’t dump some cash in your lap instead of dumping on you. They totally abandoned the “home control dashboard” users in their latest release. Glad we have SmartTiles!


@ The Doctor. Thanks for recognizing Alex’s great work. I am really fed up with ST right now. It is totally undependable.


I’m seeing something odd with SmartTiles 5.4.2 regarding device order. Yesterday I added some devices and saved. When I went to the webpage I saw that the new devices were added to the beginning so I went back into the smartapp config and modified the device order and saved.

I go back into the browser and all is well…until a refresh when the original device order returns. I’ve tried modifying the device order three times but each time it starts out fine but then reverts.

I’m not sure how to proceed. I can nuke the smartapp and start over but then I have to go update each phone in our household.

Anyone got any ideas?

Linda, don’t nuke it. This was reported before and it fixes itself after a couple of days, I think. Another user has gone through pretty in depth analysis.

I believe the problem is that some SmartThings cloud servers are falling out of sync with each other and the changes that you are making are not propagation between them. Give it a gay or two and try again. I don’t believe reinstalling the app will fix this issue.

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Thanks, @625alex! Gotta love that SmartThings reliability. I’ll be patient and see what happens.

Version 6 will not have this issue, I promise.