SmartTiles Dashboard 5.4.2 - July 13 (

This is such a awesome tool!!!

Yeah this is def not a priority but a suggestion for improvement. Totally understand there are probably more pressing features and fixes to be dealt with.

Awesome work…

@625alex is there a way to change the large # in the thermostat tile to the current temperature and the smaller one to the thermostat setpoint?

Thansk for the time and effort you have put into this it is truly awesome and helps alot with the WAF :smile:


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No, but you can add a separate tile with the same Nest temperature sensor.

I have Nest integrated, but I’m unable to add the weather tile. When it asks which device, there is none in the list to select.

Note the default SmartThings Weather Station Tile device type ceased to work today. The popular v2 custom device is not yet compatible with ActiOn dashboard or SmartWeather Station Controller app.

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it works already, started this morning 12 hours after the latest activity

I cannot support custom device types. There’s one of me and thousands of you with hundreds of custom device types. That’s why SmartTiles works with capabilities, with Weather Tiles being the only example.

I copied this from the other thread:

If you clone a device type, the clone in your IDE will not be selectable when a particular device type is expected as an input.

If you want your custom weather device type to work with SmartTiles, you have to give it a different name and name space. Then, you have to change SmartTiles code to take device with that new name as input.

I am using the @yvesracine code for my Ecobee Smart SI thermostat, and the heat setpoint works fine, changes in the dashboard immediately changes the thermostat. But when I change the cool setpoint, it does not do anything at all. In fact, after a few seconds it defaults to the value from the thermostat. So if the thermostats is at 72, and I change it to 75, it wont change it on the app or the thermostat and eventually the tile will change to 72.

I haven’t heard from anyone else on this, maybe because it’s mid March…

@rey_rios, I will review the code.

Could some one else please confirm whether their thermostat’s cool point is set correctly via the dashboard?

I can confirm not working here with my Nest. I don’t get the hand symbol like on heat to change the temp in windows and using android it just refreshing the tile.

Heat works just fine.

Interestingly, I use SmartTiles, and the SmartThings ecobee device type from the Labs, and I have the same issue. I opened a case, and support stated they think its an api related issue. Probably causing the same issue @rey_rios is experiencing.

I’m looking at it and there is an actual bug in SmartTiles. I will be updating the code in a bit.

If you are able to control the thermostat from ST Mobile app, then there is no problem with Ecobee as such.

Support did say they are still working with ecobee on the reliability of the integration, so I would not be surprised of the other device type has the same issue. But its good to hear that you found a bug, so the issue may not be as bad in reality as I had felt/experienced.

@625alex : Thanks for your amazing work!!!

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Hi, I installed the Nest on ST and it works fine from there, but with ActiON 5 it only shows the status info, but I cannot change the temp setpoint. Anyone else have this problem?

If it’s the cooling setpoint you are trying to set, then you can’t, it’s broken at the moment, as mentioned above. I will update the code tomorrow.

A bridge collapsed in my city, so my commute is extra long. I will have some time.

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Hello @darrylb, this is not an ecobee API issue as I can change my coolingSetpoint w/o any problems within the custom ecobee device type that I created…

Glad that Alex found the issue within SmartTiles… BTW, It’s an amazing dashboard (from one Canadian to another)…

@yvesracine : I am happy your not having an API issue. Unfortunately, I am, and that has been confirmed. Now, it may have been resolved since—so I need to retest. I will be once the ActiOn update is published :smile:

It is working now after the last update. Thanks @625alex

I will post some notes later on today.