Smarttiles + Blink

Noticed on Blink website that a public URL may be on the roadmap:

Features we will be adding include:
Browser access to your Blink system - access Blink from your Mac or PC browser.

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So i click on the camera icon and I get the spinning arrow, but no picture…where do I view the picture it took?

Does SmartTiles allow you to specify the TOKEN_AUTH header?

My DH allows you to refresh the home image and view thumbnails of the events, but the only way to see the new image is to close and re-open the device because there’s no way to force a refresh of the image.

The image is save to the carousel which is which you can view in the ST mobile app.

I don’t know the specifics of Blink camera, but please look into Stop Motion Video tile. It’s designed to refresh the image periodically.

Is that an item in SmartTiles or an undocumented device tile?

Based on specs others posted and a lot of trial and error I was able to figure out the Blink functionality, but I’m trying to find a way around the limitations of the storeImage function and Carousel Tile.

Stop Motion Video tile is a SmartTiles feature.

I have no idea what you are trying to accomplish, but @RBoy is the leading man on Blink.

I appreciate you trying to help by recommending rboy, but my code for the Blink integration works fine and the problem I’m trying to solve is completely unrelated to Blink.

SmartThings offers 2 functions for storing images, but no one seems to know where the images get stored, how to see what’s been stored, or if the images get deleted automatically when the device is removed.

That concerns me so my DH uses 1 file name per camera so that each new image overwrites the last.

The problem I’m having is that overwriting the image that the Carousel Tile is using doesn’t force it to refresh so it continues displaying the old image until you’ve re-opened the DH. It sometimes requires opening and closing SmartThings in order for the carousel tile to display the new image.

The image is being taken and saved fine so I’m assuming it’s some type of SmartThings caching problem.

Thanks, I’ll look into SmartTiles.

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Is it possible to display an image starting with using this tile?

I’m currently getting the error: Full authentication is required to access this resource. @tgauchat

I don’t think so. SmartThings uses an internal non-public API to reference the S3 stored images for display in the Mobile App (@slagle @jody.albritton can confirm?).

That’s why @RBoy came up with a clever solution to add an a new Attribute that encodes the image as a string that can be used by other SmartApps (like SmartTiles). The problem is that only his DTHs use this Attribute, it is not a standard Capability.

Is there a specific SmartTile that accepts a string encoded image instead of a url?

No. This is on our feature request list. If a “string encoded image” were a common attribute in SmartThings DTHs, then we’d be much more inclined to raise the priority. But this is “only” in RBoy’s DTHs, which are not shared source.

Sounds like it might end up being a de facto standard. Reminds me of Twitter coming out with OAuth. Everyone started using it before it really became a standard because there was such a need.

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Yup… Well… perhaps if someone would do a Pull Request against the SmartThings Camera DTHs, then this Attribute could be added to a Published Device Type and get more usage…

Problem is: SmartThings has only public-source Camera DTH? (I can’t find any more in the repo).

The alternative, then, is for camera device type developers to submit their DTHs for publication.

If rboy encoded the image as a string attribute to make it work with SmartTiles, but SmartTiles doesn’t support that functionality, does that mean you did something special in SmartTiles just for his DH?

We just hacked a quick test to see if we could read and render the image. Yup… Proof-Of-Concept = Proven!

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So the people that purchase his DH have access to some type of “special tile” in SmartTiles that no one else can have access to?

No, Kevin, sorry I’m not more clear… No version of SmartTiles currently has the ability to display image capture snapshots using RBoy’s ad hoc attribute. We just tested it with a dummy/stub app; it was never put in SmartTiles.

That makes more sense, Thanks for clarifying.

Does SmartTiles allow you to specify a header AUTH_TOKEN in the url for the Video Streams?

If the token is static and can go on the URL only, then yes; but usually tokens expire or have to be passed in the headers.

We know SmartTiles has a lot of opportunities for enhancements in video stream support.