SmartTiles and Harmony Activities?

Is it possible to get my Harmony Home Activities to show up on my SmartTiles view? This would allow me to use the Harmony controller, Echo, or the SmartTiles view. Covering all my basis for my family and guest. OR, could it link to the Harmony App on my tablet, which actually may be better so I can control the activity.

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Yes. Harmony Activities have switch capability. These can be added to SmartTiles and operated as usual.

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I’m not sure if this is what you are looking for but you can set SmartTiles to launch other URLs. Perhaps you can trigger a tile to launch the Harmony App from a web interface?

SmartThings app > Hamburger > SmartApps > SmartTiles (Connect) > Pick a dashboard to add or edit > More Tiles > Links to other dashboards +/- Links to other websites (Not sure what the difference is).

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Mine show up as switches.

And work great!

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Do I need to create virtual switches for each activities and then use the Harmony Connect Trigger SmartApp? Currently, the activities do not show up in my Smartthings at all. So I am not sure how to leverage the Activities.

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Nevermind. I forgot I screwed everything up and removed the harmony. Whoops.