SmartThingsPublic How to add a fingerprint to a generic door lock?

We have made a Zigbee door lock and it works great with the generic Zigbee door lock handler.
But in order Smartthings to recognise the lock, the fingerprint needs to added to the public generic Zigbee door lock handler.
How do I do that???
I have made a pull request, but it is not getting approved. What to do?

Can’t you just create your own device handler?

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Also note per this thread we’re not currently reviewing submissions. Adding your device to our ecosystem is more than just merging a pull request. We’d need to test it in our lab, make it available to our QA teams for regression testing, train all of our support agents on functionality and troubleshooting, etc.

I’d love it if I could just merge your pull request, but unfortunately there’s a lot more to it and we’re not reviewing submissions at this time.

Some device manufacturers make their own version of a device type handler available on their own site for their customers, along with instructions on how to use it in SmartThings. This can make it available immediately for customers who need it, although obviously it’s not as easy as having the device automatically recognized.

Some manufacturers that have done this include Aeotec, Dome, and Zooz.

Here’s an example from Aeotec if you’re interested in looking at one:

Again, I know it would be preferable to have it included in the official device type handler, but as @tyler mentioned, that’s the end result of a multistep certification process, so not quite as simple as it seems.

Publishing your own custom device type handler on your own support site at least lets you provide it immediately to your customers. So just an option to consider.