SmartThings Zigbee Time Server Response 0x00000000 at local time attribute 0x07

I am continuing my device type handler for my thermostat product.

My thermostat will try to read the time from the Hub during pairing. It will try to read UTC time (0x00) and Local Time (0x07).

From the zigbee data I captured, the Smartthing hub is responding correct at 0x00, however it response 0x00000000 at 0x07, which will cause the device go back to ancient time. If the Hub want to report invalid time response, it should response 0xFFFFFFFF.

So is there anything I can do on this?


Maybe you need to set the time zone for your hub/location?

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Thanks for your comment.
I have set the location again. However the problem still here.

I also tried to calculate the correct local time by following
String zone = location.timeZone.getRawOffset() + " DST " + location.timeZone.getDSTSavings();

So the timeZone inside the hub should be correct.
Just don’t know how to set the local time of zigbee time server.

Hey Jason,

This is an issue that was recently brought to our attention. Right now it is our belief that this bug only affects the 2018 V3 hub, so I assume this is what you are using for your testing. If you are using a different hub, please let me know so I can investigate.

I personally addressed this issue very recently and we are currently testing it internally to verify that everything is working as expected before getting it out to customers. I currently do not have an estimate for when you could expect an update with this fix but it is coming! I apologize for any issues this has caused you in your DTH development.

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Thanks for your reply.
Yes. I am using 2018 V3 Hub now.
I will try to get another hub to check later.
Looking forward for update fix