Smartthings zigbee button and zigbee socket

I have a smartthings Zigbee button, hub and socket. What is the data flow? when zigbee button controls the socket.
Is the data from the button send to zigbee coordinator then to the socket or directly to the socket.

In almost all cases, the button sends a message to the hub and then the hub sends a message to the socket. That’s how it will work if those are specifically smartthings brand devices.

If you are using the IKEA Tradfri line, you may be able to set it up so that the button communicates directly with The socket, but that is not an option with the smartthings brand.

Ok fine. So, there is a possibility for operation delay in socket, if the network is larger.

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Yes, but it can also depend on a few other factors.

I have roughly around 250 zigbee devices in my mesh, and they are all very chatty devices, but I do not see any noticeable delay when controlling/using a single device, or even just a few. I have an automation that controls lighting when certain doors open/close, and the interaction between the door sensor and light switch is literally instantaneous. I suppose you could measure in fractions of a second, but to anyone opening the door, the light comes on immediately from their perspective (and mine).

I also have several scenes that control several devices at one time, and what I’ve noticed is that ST doesn’t send all the commands at once, but in series one right after another. In a scenario like that where I have 6 devices in a scene set to turn on, they will not all turn on at the same time, but I will see the six come on in series extremely fast.

If I ever experience a delay, which has been rare with my zigbee devices, it’s almost always been with a device experiencing a very low battery condition. I’ve also experienced delays when devices are not running local on the hub because of the DTH the device is using, and/or the Smart Lighting rule isn’t local, or with the new app’s Automations (they don’t run local on the hub yet).

I have helped friends experiencing delays at times. Those issues have been resolved by moving the ST hub away from their wireless router, or changing the wifi channel on their router away from the one the ST hub is using, and/or adding a zigbee device to their mesh that is capable of repeating/routing zigbee signals (like a wall switch or wall plug).


It is actually working if both the button and the bulb are ZLL, with the pre Zigbee 3.0 firmware on them (something probably starting with

You can TouchLink the bulb directly without the Hub’s interaction. But meanwhile having both linked to the Hub.

Thank you for your suggestion.

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Ok, Thank you for your reply.

The case under discussion is a socket, not a bulb. I don’t think sockets were ever ZLL.

@JDRoberts, Oh, sorry! I have read your post quickly. And yes, the socket is ZHA and already Zigbee 3.0, and the on/off/dimmer remote too. I have tried to pair the ZHA remote to a ZLL bulb, but that wasn’t working. I haven’t tried the same with the ZHA socket and the ZHA remote. What I mentioned above that was only ZLL bulb to ZLL 5 button remote.
The socket might not support TouchLink, but all the remotes should support it even with the Zigbee 3.0 firmware. But the bulbs definitely should have the same TouchLink support. I don’t know that, is the new HA firmware would do the TouchLink pairing same way as the ZLL did.
I haven’t got any new firmware version bulbs, neither 5 button remotes to test. First I should buy an IKEA hub to update firmware. All the bulbs and remotes should have already the new Zigbee 3.0 firmware available.