Smartthings working temperature

(Minh Triet Tran Huynh) #1

Hi all,

I see that Smartthing specs its working temperature as from 0 to 40 degree C. So, what happen if the ambient temp goes highger or lower than that limit? whether it will turn off itself or just left it running?


( co-founder Terry @ActionTiles; GitHub: @cosmicpuppy) #2

I very much doubt that it has an automatic shutdown.

The temperature specifications are only a recommended range; outside of which the unit is more likely to malfunction or hasten deterioration and component failure, and perhaps even risk of fire or electrical hazard.

(Tom Guelker) #3

That is the recommended temperature range at which the device is stable. Anything outside that range and behavior is unpredictable.

I have a dash dam that has specs from 0 to 40 C. When it is below 0 C the camera is flaky, but doesn’t fail permanently.

( #4

Stable? Yes, on February 29th.
Otherwise you can expect failings all time even at 25C