SmartThings with Nao robot?

Hi, hoping I’m writing in the right section, here’s my question:
Has anybody here tried to connect SmartThings to a NAO robot?
I was thinking of a system where the robot would behave differently according to SmartThings sensor inputs in the house.
With the current API available on SmartThings, does it sound possible to do so?
Thank you.

It is quite likely to be possible, though, like any API, there are a lot of different ways to attempt it, some will work better than others … and some ways won’t work with SmartThings very well at all.

What do you know about NAO’s API? Do you have a reference link? Have you programmed the robot using the API from any other application yet?

If you just want the robot to react to SmartThings, you can either have the robot periodically query your SmartThings by creating a REST-API SmartApp, or you can have SmartApps talk to external websites.

If you need the robot to appear as a “Thing / Device”, then writing a Device Handler is somewhat more complicated, especially for LAN communication currently.

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