SmartThings with LiftMaster 8355 and 8355W

I am new to SmartThings and are looking for way to control my two LiftMaster 8355 garage openers. They are both (8355 and 8355W) being control by MyQ using an 828 Internet GW (as the 8355 is not wifi ready). However, what’s the latest integration between Liftmaster and Smart Things? I understand lfitmaster integrate with Amazon Alexa. Does this mean if I add liftmaster to alexa, Smart Things can see it or a bit more complicate than that?

There is a smartapp you should look at. It does suggest you purchase an additional sensor for each door in order to use. The reason is that MyQ does not expose the data from their sensors.

MyQ Lite works with ST
However you do need door sensors, which you should need for the MyQ app anyway to enable remote open and close. :slight_smile: