Smartthings with Broadlink?

Hi, not sure this is the right subforum? Just signed up!
I have a AC unit in my living room I wanted to be able to control when not at home, so I bought a Broadlink RM pro+ v3 and it works great.

I wanted to expand the usability of this since I have a smartthings hub v3 but now I dont really know how to do this.

Essentially I want to have a temp sensor at home and sort of automate the AC temp accordingly so I can have better indoor climate and perhaps save a few in the long run.

One idea I had was to use IFTTT to change temp on AC if “device sensor” in smartthings dropped below x and do the same if it went above y, I bought a Aqara temp / humidity sensor but it wasnt detected in IFTTT .

What are my options? Is there another cheap temp sensor thats like aqara that I can use with smartthings and IFTTT or is there another way to do the above?

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Okey, I actually managed to get the aqara sensor into IFTTT i found out you add the add it into ifttt through smartthings app.

Now im wondering how I can use this to get a better indoor climate since the temperature sensor only reports every 0.5 temp difference.

I want to lower degrees of my AC during the night and have tighter control during the day but somehow it seems better to just use the inbuilt temp sensor in the AC than use another one?

Anyone have any ideas?
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