SmartThings Wiped Clean...No Devices

I got a message about an update to SmartThings and not all my devices are gone…even my hub is gone. I can only control some things through Alexa via the connected Hue hub…but the Samsung Hub isn’t showing and all the devices are gone.

I can’t try and reconnect my hub because when I try to add it it is asking for a code on a card that came with the Hub. This is an older hub and I do not have any card or box it all came in.

How do I recover my devices? Thanks!

First thing I would do is make sure you don’t have more than one location. Your devices and hub might be in hiding a location that you are not looking at.

Go to Samsung account and look under locations.

You can also look in the top left corner of the Favorites page in the mobile app. Click on the down arrow on the right end of the location name.


Thanks for the response. I ended up re-attaching everything and getting everything setup again. I still can’t get my Samsung Family Hub refrigerator re-connected (just sits and spins) and for some reason my Honeywell T6 Pro thermostat shows Fahrenheit on the thermostat which is correct but is displaying Celsius on the apps…

Everything back except the temperature now displays Celsius instead of Fahrenheit as preferred. Need to find how to change back to Fahrenheit to match my thermostat.

go to tap on the 3 dots in upper right and select Manage location. Make sure it is selected there.

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