SmartThings WIFI Outlet Toggle?

I have two ZigBee outlets in the bedroom that we can toggle on or off in a SmartThings button.

I just purchased the new SmartThings wifi outlet that I wanted to tie to another SmartThings button but the toggle setting isn’t there. Right now I have to select a single press to turn on and a double press to turn off. I would rather a single press turn on/off depending on the state.

Any ideas on how to achieve this?


Not much you can do other than email support and request it.

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In the “smart lighting” smart app in the SmartThings Mobile app below the ‘button action’ it says ‘Toggle on & off’ with an optional on/off setting. So if you chose button action ‘pushed’ then the lights would turn on or off depending their state with only one press. Am I missing some thing here?

He’s using the device screen in the new app for his button :slight_smile:

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I guess the better way to word it is the new wifi outlets don’t have the toggle power state option as the Zigbee outlets do. I attached a couple screen shots to show.

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I suppose you could always create a virtual outlet (switch) that ST will allow you to toggle with the button, and then use a smart lighting mirror to sync the wifi outlet to it. Clunky but it should work, if the wifi outlet doesn’t have other surprise limitations - and when you’ve got that running, complain to support about the missing option…

Maybe @Brad_ST knows if there is some technical reason toggle isn’t an option.

The button plugin, how you configure commands directly from the device detail screen, is an enigma.

I was able to reproduce this. As noted by others, can you replicate the functionality you want via Smart Lighting and letting support know so they can pass along the feedback is worthwhile as well.

But at least it’s toggle option works :wink: Smart Lights gets out of sync if something other than the button changes the device.


Sorry, I’m still new to ST. What is what lighting?

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I see it now, thanks!

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