Smartthings WiFi Mesh Hubs across two Buildings?

I have unique situation (i think)
I have a house with an out building about 100’ away.
In the house I have a smartthings wifi. 1 connected to the modem and 1 expanding the mesh network. The out building, i have a hard line to the building. When i add the wifi unit to create the mesh network in the outbuilding, we loose connectivity.
Can i use the hardwire to plug in the wifi unit in the outbuilding and extend the mesh newtork in the building?
What is the best way to create the mesh netwrk in the outbuilding and surrounding area?



Same question here - Any input or feedback?

I ran a hard line to the main base hub (plugged into router) from the outbuilding hub.
Everything connects great.
Full 100% WiFi signal in outbuilding, between outbuilding and house and in the house.
Working very well.

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