Smartthings WiFi hub with Plume Takes 10 minutes after reboot to reconnect to internet

ET-WV525 firmware 000.038.00011

My hub takes a long time to reconnect to the internet. (Connected Devices like iPhone to connect to an internet web page)
It takes only about 2 minutes to get a solid green light. Then my iphone can connect to WiFi. But it takes another 6-8 minutes before I can pull up a web page.

Is this typical? If not, any ideas on why this is happening?

BTW, I connect the hub to a fiber terminal from my local utilities.

I believe you are referring to the SmartThings Wifi with Plume and not the SmartThings v3 hub

… probably best for you to contact ST support and let them look into it

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What is that called? I just assumed it is SmartThings WiFi hub version 3

The “hub version 3” is a different model, The third generation of the standalone hub. It does not participate in Wi-Fi mesh and it does not have Plume. Released in 2018, so it is sometimes called the 2018 model. Model number GP-U999SJVLGDA or STH-ETH-300.

Yours is called “SmartThings WiFi with Plume.” Model number ET-WV525. It was the second version of the Wi-Fi mesh router models.


Thanks. It’s difficult to understand the different models out there if one hasn’t been involved with it.

Usually my reliability has been stellar with these hubs. (I have 6 of them) Recently I had a couple of outages where it just disconnected from the internet. But my Fiber Terminal was still working fine and worked fine when plugged directly into my laptop. It took me over 10 minutes to reboot and get it going again. So I’ve tested many times to reboot it through the ST app. It’s pretty consistent in taking upto 10 minutes before internet is available via WiFi.

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I’m sure that’s very frustrating. :disappointed_relieved: I agree with @jkp: The best thing is probably to contact support.

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