Smartthings Wifi Hub Wifi Problem

My ST Wifi hub is acting weird, The hub is receiving internet connection and I can control devices through my phone with mobile data, but when I try to connect to the wifi it shows “no, internet” and it happens on all devices. What should I do?

That’s this issue, isn’t it?

I experiment a similar problem, but weird, weird weird.

We have an smarttings wifi, only one device, and
2 sonoff Basic 2.4 GHZ
1 epson printer 2.4 GHZ,
3 laptops: one 5 GHZ, two 2.4 GHZ
1 xiaomi MIbox S: 5 GHZ

The laptop on 5 GHZ network can PING all devices,
The laptops on 2.4 GHZ CAN NOT PING any device, or PRINT and are unable to control the web interface on sonoff devices.

To try to isolate the issue, I connect an OLD wiffi access point to the network, 2.4 GHZ signal with its own SID. Connected to this Access Point, the PING works, all devices respond. Only one laptop connected to the OLD access point can control, manage and use devices connected on Smarttings 2.4 GZ and 5 GHZ.

As a workaround , all devices are connected on these old wifi access point with no issues. The smarttings wifi 2.4 ghz is totaly unusable if I want to use services on my network, like windows shares, printers, etc,

Other thing, internet access is not failing for 2.4 GHZ and 5 GHZ. on smartttings wifi.

Today I plan to execute a factory reset on the smarttings wifi to try to fix the problem.
Any clue to fix this issue, welcome.

Thanks for your time pals.