SmartThings WiFi Hub first use

I bought new ST wifi hub. I connected it with my router, waited that red and green light started blinking, I open ST app in my iPhone and it does not connect. I can find ST hub wifi but I did not get the password. Also I found its IP in my lan but the hub does not let me to connect with my computer. So how can I do the first thing - to connect ST hub with my iPhone?

Hey there! @Klemen1972, Welcome to the Community! :slight_smile:

The Red and Green blinking would Indicate your hub is ready to be claimed and complete the initial setup process. The hub should Automatically be detected if you are within 15ft, If the Hub is still not detected you can try to add Manually using the QR Code or Scan Nearby for it.

Have you tried clearing the cache of the Smart Things Application? On IOS you would navigate to Settings>Apps>Smart Things>Clear History and Data for the app and attempt to (+) Add Device > Smart Things > Wifi Hub…

Additionally, I wanted to provide you with some troubleshooting articles on your Wifi Hub:

How to set up the ST WiFi Hub:
What the LED colors mean:

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the for your answer
it worked with scanning qr code on it
just be close to it it did not work