SmartThings WiFi Drops Offline

Is there a solution for the SmartThings WiFi dropping offline while still displaying a solid green light? It’s rather annoying, and is always fixed with a power cycle.

I’m not sure if it’s a Plume issue or an ISP issue but it’s unpredictable and I’ve never had a router do this so often, if at all.

I’d try adding an access-point/router of a diff manufacturer, to see if connection is better.

Way back when I had problems with a cablemodem low signal level, every hour I would ping the WAN interface from a LAN client and if it failed, then cycle the power with X10 plug-in module. That seemed to work for a while. You need a non-cloud solution to do that. You want to log it or notify too.

Eventually the cable company repaired their amp and my problem went away.

It is specific to the ST WiFi device. I have no issues using other APs or routers. I have many of these devices in different properties. It does seem to be more frequent with AT&T Arris BGW210 gateways versus other ISP equipment. Locations where I have Spectrum or Xfinity as the ISP, it’s very rare to have the ST WiFi go offline like this.

I’ve tried passthrough mode on the BGW210, default settings, etc. Still the same result.

FWIW. I have had AT&T Uverse and now AT&T Fiber via AT&T Pace 5268. My ST Mesh WiFi is a SmartThings Home Pro firmware 29.8 with 3 mesh units.
Both att Uverse and fiber gateways have caused the network to stop functioning maybe 4 or 5 times a year. The only way to get things going again, reliably is to power down everything. Then power up the AT&T 5268ac and wait until it powers up completely. Then power up the main mesh wifi unit attached to the 5268. Wait until it has a solid green light and then the remaining mesh units one at a time. Very tedious.