Smartthings Wifi - deleted location in app. Do I have to start over?

Hi- I have the new Smartthings Wifi which I have setup and running as a mesh network including using the Plume app to manage it. In the past I had Smartthings hub functionality with multiple Z-wave switches/thermostats controlled via the Smartthings app. For a fresh start, I ended up deleting the location in the Smartthings app that included the Smartthings hub for the home automation piece.

After setting up a fresh location in the Smartthings app, it seems that the only way to get Smarthings app to add a hub as a “thing” is to do a factory reset? I hate to lose the mesh network that is working great (including, finally, having the Smartthings Wifi working as a router plugged directly into a modem.

Is there a way to make the hub “discoverable” for setup in the Smartthings app with our doing a factory reset?

It would not be the end of the world to have to start over with the 3-pack of ST wifi hubs as no “things” are currently connected.

Thanks for any help you could offer here.

No…everything about that hub was deleted from your account when you deleted the location.

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