Smartthings webstore VISA processing down

I have been attempting to purchase some items from the smartthings webstore for the past two days but when paying with my VISA I obtain an error message “Cannot transition state via: next from :confirm (Reason(s); That payment method is unsupported. Please choose another one.)”.

I checked with my issuing bank and they saw the error must be on your side.

I want to buy some of your great products and can’t.

Anyone else experiencing this issue?

Thanks in advance.

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Hey @206realestate

Sorry about that, we are gonna get this taken care of right away.

Hey there–just reached out to you via our support email address. We’re not seeing widespread issues with VISA processing, but I can tell from your email that something is wonky. Shoot us back a message when you get a chance, and we’ll get it sorted for ya. Sorry for the hassle.

I’m having the exact same issue. I’m trying to purchase with a Canadian Visa, which I have used multiple times since last trying to order from your store, and it still fails with the same message of this method not being supported. When will this be fixed, as I am really looking forward to getting the hub ASAP to control my HUE lights!

@ConnorFood reach out to they can get you sorted out.