Smartthings web site links

Probably wont bother most peeps but it does me
On the main page of this web site, top right there are blue links to various items ( Additional resources ), why are they set to open in same tab, they should be set to open in new tab
You NEVER wipe out your own page in favour of another page, especially as those pages do NOT have direct odvious links back to the page you just left

I agree on the concept, but my personal preference is not to force “_blank” / new tab.

You see, I prefer to let the user decide. They can easily right-click and say “Open in New Tab / New Window”; or choose not to.

Why force a user to clutter their open tab list?

Thats a developer view Terry, you are…
*dont you just love it when ssd drives or w10 throws a hissy fit, what a pain *
From phone
Where were we… oh yeah, you are assuming users know that it is possible, if it were a standalone web site you would include navigation on each page for linking back to main or previous… some peeps run in full screen… no idea why but they do.
Although the pages linked are part of the same animal they are not part of the site so the user is being diverted away from with no obvious on screen in same website way back except for browser button

But after all is said and done… tomatoes- tomaytoes i guess

Just looked at Pc… preparing automatic repair… yeah that always goes well

Coffee time

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