SmartThings Vs Hubitat

Hey folks,

Tried Hubitat and it might be a tad too geeky for my level of nerdhood for the time being. Also have August V3 Pro, Nest Smoke Alarm, Lutron Caseta dimmers w/ Pro Hub, Ring Pro Doorbell and Floodlight and looking to add.

Hubitat being on lan is super fast. ST is cloud-based - how responsive it is, really? Running Unifi APs in the house, Gig-speed switching, Untangle Firewall, 100/30 Mbps cable modem. I want to not wait for the lights to come on, I dump Wink since they went idiotic and always found the delay annoying.


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ST with smart lighting app is fast and local. Pretty much everything else you will experience delays ranging from barely noticeable up to 2-3 seconds for more complicated multi-device changes.

I’m more curious about reliability. Every week, I probably have to remove and re-synch about 5 ST Water Leak sensors because they just don’t stay connected (and they are the only devices that aren’t reliable with ST’s at this point).

This is me but with zigbee lights and I have repeaters throughout the house

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