SmartThings Video upsell

Am I to be interrupted by the upsell dialog for SmartThings Video EVERY time I look at the cam device via the SmartThings app? The one that urges me to Agree and start a 30 day trial and auto-checks some installation option at the bottom?

I’ve clicked cancel 7 times so far — it still pops up. If this is just bad app state, please fix it. If you’re doing it on PURPOSE… well, then, the developers should be reconsidering their career choices. Sooooo tacky.

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I’ve not seen that since the first time. I don’t think there is a commitment by affirming rather than cancel, although I initially had the same thoughts. But, the nag is definitely unnecessary.

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go to menu > settings and turn off get suggestions

i can’t remember if that is what gets rid of those

Accept it. It will revert to the free service level after the 30 day trial period.