Smartthings, vera and mControl


I received the Smartthings hub and other components few days back. I’m still playing with it but I already found some gaps on what I would like to do and what the hub/app allows me to. For example, on my son bedroom I have two table lumps, one is connected to the z-wave switch in the wall and the other one on a z-wave dimmable plug. I have also a motion\light sensor. I would like to do the following:

  • during “day” mode when the switch is pressed only that light will go on. The light should go off after 2 min without movement.
  • In the night mode, if t he switch is pressed or movement is detected, both lights should go on. The lights will go off after 2 min without movement.
  • when the house is set to sleep mode one light go off and the other one go to 50% dim. On sleep mode the lights will not turn on if movement is detected

That is the “short” version of it.
I was thinking the mControl (with a Thinkstick) will better fit my needs… Is that easier to do on Vera or mControl?

Is there a way for me to develop a “controller”, using c#, to do those things interacting with ST hub? That means my PC will be the one controlling my house, just sending requests and getting events from ST hub.

Thank you…

(Ray) #2

You can try smart night light smartapps or a combo of smartapps together.