Smartthings ver 1.7.02-45

Smartthings Version 1.7.02-45 released 13/03/18 Android S7 phone

Incase anyone who does not have the app is interested will list what i can see as changes to the previous version

Access to third party accounts now visible in settings
Notifications now show activity from the ST hub of any connected device not just St branded devices
If an Xbox one is connected and added as a device, the Ui for that device will allow for fast display of images stored on the phone, the images appear as thumbnails below the XBox Ui controls, This would be the same for a connected Tv but as mentioned below the Tv Ui seems to have stepped backwards for now

Now shows mode drop down box
Show location summary on dashboard option ( does not appear to work for me )
Media devices : Tv, Sonos etc show relevant recently played media with ability to tap and replay

Now shows custom automations which include on/off switches per automation and ability to edit each automation
Add : now shows a limited amount of ready made automations from the St Classic app
Add : now shows ability to create custom automations
If smart lighting is selected all previous automations from ( Classic ) now are listed and editable, this also applies to any of the automations you previously created in ( Classic )

That is about all i have noticed apart from a few missing bits from a previous version, previously Tv had a nice Ui showing all Tv controls, this appears to be gone for now

Maybe other bits and pieces that i have missed but these are the obvious things

There are quite a few inconsistancies in the overall Ui and i wish someone would hide the visible bounding boxs around the options Dashboard, Devices and automations, a definate WIP as this version was released and then revoked a few weeks back, bug bashing i guess

Trying to resist a wish list but i just cant
Device tap boxs have room as they are to display more info so why not add more info from the device if available, currently Multipurpose sensor just shows Closed, but there is room for temp and battery info on the tile
Needs a sort list, alphabetical, Condition, Type, location
Device tap boxs, do they need to be so big, perhaps an option for 3 sizes, large, condensed or list, list would emulate Smartthings classic but with update feel
Colouration : the app looks anemic

Backup of automations carried out as part of the Phone O/s in built backup options

Sorry couldnt help it


Recently found the ability to pin individual device shortcuts to phone desktop/Home page dependant on what you call your phones front screen/page