Smartthings v3 hub multiple devices no longer work 7/1/19

So today I noticed about 8-10 of my devices suddenly stop working. I did a zwave repair and here are the codes:

In general everything is very slow now and unreliable. Anyone having a similar issue??
I started a repair ticket claim with Samsung and they are investigating. Not sure if that will even get me anywhere…so frustrating.

I recently added three new switches (all in one 3-gang box). They are about 40ft line of sight to the nearest neighbor. Which turned out to be too far.

This caused several other devices to throw errors like you’re seeing during a z-wave repair.

I added two additional z-wave repeaters and got a clean z-wave repair.

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Thanks for the reply! I haven’t changed anything in at least 3 months and everything was working fine until today. I don’t know what would suddenly cause all of these issues.

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