Smartthings TV Notifications with IFTTT and Caavo (US)

I have a Samsung TV and I’ve been struggling for years to get notifications from Smartthings to my TV. I recently ran across a product called Caavo, and while it considers itsself to be a universal remote it has 1 feature that makes it special… IFTTT notifications.
So I ordered it from amazon just in case it didn’t work, but after about 30min of recabling and setup i sent my first test.

Yup, my first hdmi overlay notification from Smartthings and it’s a pretty slick universal control too. It will control devices over HDMI-CEC, but will fail back to IP and IR. I’m really impressed with how easy it was to get working.

I hope this helps anyone else struggling with TV Notifacations.


Very cool!

One quick note: this option will probably not be available in the UK or the EU because some anti-propaganda laws there make it illegal to do an overlay over live broadcasting. No picture in picture options, for example. The TV has to provide a separate message bar area so that any live programming is not blocked, even by a pixel.

Caavo is on sale for $70 at amazon…

Curious how well the other features work… how useful it is. Sounds like it would replace Harmony Hub? Does it switch or search inside SmartTV apps (YoutubeTV app for example). Obviously everyone’s needs are different, but my 2017 Samsung apps are are really good. Only thing I have external is an xbox I bought on BlackFriday for 4KBluRay; audio doesn’t work well for me though, I have old pre-HDMI Denon AVR.


I’d never heard that before.
I have wondered why I’m not able to turn on notifications on my android TV.
I wonder if turning on Mock locations in the developer settings might then allow it :thinking: