SmartThings things I'm home when I'm not

When I leave for work, I set the house to Away. In the mean time, I have an automation that at sunset, turns on my outside lights, including the back porch light. I have other automatons that if the house is set to away and the back porch light is on (meaning it’s after dark) those automation turn lights on and off inside the house. The last one of those runs a couple hours before I get home at night. But I have one automation that if the house is set to Away, the back porch light is on and it shows (by my phone’s location) that I’m home, it will turn on several lights in the house, so the house is lit up when I walk in the door. I noticed suddenly that when I come home, one of the lights isn’t on, and what I found is that for some reason at sunset, it’s triggering the automation that I’ve come home. But I’m certainly not home, or close enough that it should show me being home. So in reality, only two of the three triggers (back light is on and house set to away) are true.

The reason that particular light is off, is it has triggered the arrive home automation at sunset (when it shouldn’t since I’m not home) but later the other automation are cycling that light on and off later in the night.