SmartThing's + Tesla Model X

I have a Model X ordered and plan on parking it in my garage. Those of you who are familiar with Tesla know it has those awesome Falcon Wing Doors. Unfortunately it does not work well with a moving garage door.

A Model X owner was able to develop a simple solution that solves this problem:
(watch the video and read the description)

I would like to know if SmartThing’s can take this simple solution to the next level and eliminate the drawbacks he faced.

Is it possible to use a Photoelectric Beam Sensor with a Z-Wave relay? I already have a tilt sensor and Z-Wave relay on my garage door so I can remotely open/close it from my iPhone (VIDEO).

With around 30k Model X orders, SmartThing’s will be a hit if it can be the first solution in the market.

I can’r wait to read the thread where every night at 2am the Tesla crashes through the wall. of the garage into the kitchen when ST triggers the porch light to go off! Honestly…I can’t wait!


IKR, last week my S got mad at me when I didn’t charge it so it summoned itself back to Tesla.

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Love the idea. But with Smartthings being so unreliable, I wouldn’t trust it for such an critical task. If ST is down, your internet is down or it’s just glitchy that could be an expensive repair.

Last week I had random partial failures all week long. This week things are back to normal. If lights don’t come on or the door doesn’t unlock it’s just an inconvenience.

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I will be careful not to open the FWD when my garage is open so this is more of a backup anyways. I will also install a ruber bumper on my garage door

Devils advocate here. I take you will always be the only driver ever to park it or access it in the garage?

If not.Example warning how easily accidents happen. I had a customer we installed an remote start on a 911 stick. He signed off swore he would only ever drive the car and knew the dangers. Here he lent it to a friend and forgot to tell him about the starter. His friend returned it ,left it in gear and the next morning he hit the remote start as usual. 911 meet parking garage wall, wall Hi there. :smile: Needless to say bad day.

Your going to have to make sure no one ever opens the door when the garage is opening or opened. Speaking of that I guess there is no way to avoid someone accidently opening the X’s door if the garage door is already up.

Oh wow! As I previously mentioned I will also install a rubber bumper on top of the garage door, and if the garage door happens to hit the FWD I would assume it would stop.

I should have made this clear earlier, the FWD has sensors so if the garage door is open and I open the FWD it will automatically stop. However if my garage door is closed and I open the FWD and than open the garage door without closing the FWD than a impact will occur.