SmartThings temperature automation limit is 40

SmartThings app just updated on my iPhone. Version 1.6.67. After the update, when I try to add or edit an automation that changes the temperature on my thermostat, it only allows inputs ranging 0-40. That’s good and all for Celsius but doesn’t work for Fahrenheit. I have a Honeywell T6 Pro z-wave thermostat. Please fix this bug.

Well holy cow. It looks like something changed because this wasn’t happening to me either, until now. Mine are Centralite Pearl thermostats.

EDIT: This is happening only when including the thermostat in Automations or Scenes.

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Do you have a support ticket regarding this? We haven’t been able to replicate the issue and getting mobile app logs could help.

@Brad_ST I have as part of my incident with STHM reporting incorrect states on several devices. Ticket number 1209633 has app logs from just a few days ago.

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Just to bump this, I created an account solely to search for a solution to this. New the SmartThings in general, but it didn’t feel right. iOS device with most recent version of app.

I am experiencing this same issue - also on iOS. The app and IDE show Fahrenheit, but automations appear to be restricting to a Celsius temperature range (0-40). I have opened a ticket as well 1227564.

I also made a video of this happening, which I sent but may be useful to see happening - Smartthings App Using Celsius for Automations but in Fahrenheit For Everything Else - YouTube

It may just be a coincidence - but mine just started working correctly.

I tried creating a scene and noticed the degrees were in Fahrenheit correctly. Then I went to automations again and they were correct as well. I do not know if opening scene creation fixed it or it was just a coincidence, but maybe that can help someone.

Mine also works now. Not sure if there was an app update or not.

No go yet for me. I just tried again a few minutes ago. Are you guys using a stock DTH, or custom?