Smartthings stopped controlling anything (16 August 22)

I have a v2 hub, and it stopped controlling anything yesterday. I noticed that automations stopped working and thought it was just the cloud acting up, but I can’t control anything from the app. The weird part is that the status is still updating immediately if I physically flip a switch, but I can’t control anything virtually. I have tried rebooting the hub several times, but that didn’t have any effect. At this point, I’m just not sure what else to try. I can see in the live logging on the website when I execute a command from my phone, but nothing happens after that. I know the hub is getting the commands, it just isn’t doing anything with them. Even devices and routines that are local are not functioning.

can you control devices from

my first thought - if you have android, try clearing the app cache

No, I can’t. Again I can see the status of the devices, but I can’t control anything from there. That is what is so weird. I have the my.smartthings site up and I can manually flip a switch and it updates on the page instantly, but if I try to turn the light off from that page, nothing happens.

You mentioned rebooting the hub… try powering it off for a few minutes and remove any batteries if you are using them.

What is the color of the LED on the hub after powering it up?

Contact ST support and let them investigate.

The first time, I did a quick reboot. The second time, I left it unplugged, with the batteries out, for about 10 minutes to make it registered as offline. The lights a green.

report the issue to ST support and let them investigate

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Thanks, they said they would look into it. At first glance they said everything was online and looked normal, so they have to elevate it.

I have changed anything, but some things started working again, but are still very slow to respond. I wish they would just either work or not. It is very hard to troubleshoot when they are just slow.