Smartthings Station not allow devices to be added

I have the new Smartthings station. At first all was well. I could add devices, as normal, by using the app. However, starting a few weeks ago, I can no longer add devices. I use the app, and push the “+” sign. Normally the station lights turns colour to flashing green/red/blue. Now it just remains a solid blue. What’s going on?I tried resetting the station, but it did not improve the situation. In fact, now I have NO devices linked! Any help would be really appreciated.

Can you name a few of the devices (brand/model) you are trying to add? Have you reset the devices? Is the Station near any device that can cause interference such as a WAP or router/AP?

Thanks for the reply. The devices are all zigbee, with a mix of devices from Smarthings (like the power plug, door open/close) and non-Smarthings devices, like Aqara Temperature and Humidity Sensors. Is it normal for the blue light not to change colour when the Station enters discovery mode? I am sure it did flash multiple colours before. It is not near a WiFi router.

Also, did you enroll all the Edge drivers to that hub after the reset?