SmartThings Station: Automation Issue with Specific Time Delays

Dear Community,

I’ve recently encountered a problem with my SmartThings station where local automations that are set to specific times are experiencing random delays (ranging from 5 minutes to 57 minutes). This issue began last Wednesday after three significant events:

  1. My SmartThings station firmware was updated to version 000.053.00019.
  2. The SmartThings app on my Android mobile was updated to version
  3. There was a 3-hour power outage in my house due to maintenance in my area.

The next morning, I noticed that all my shutters, which are set to open with local automation, remained closed. These shutters are all Shelly 2nd gen devices using local automation. Cloud-based automation for the shutters worked fine, but local automation had issues.

The delays have progressively worsened over the past few days:

  • On the first day, the shutters opened 2 minutes late.
  • On the second day, they opened 7 minutes late.
  • Today, the delays ranged from 40 to 57 minutes.

Other devices, such as the water pump that should start at 7 AM, also experienced similar delays. I’ve tried restarting both the SmartThings station and my network routers, but this didn’t resolve the issue.

Please note:

  • The problem occurs only with local automations set to specific times, affecting various devices including those connected by Matter.
  • Automations based on sunset or sunrise timings work without any issues.
  • Cloud-based automations are functioning correctly.

Does anyone have any ideas on how to fix this issue? Many thanks.

Give your system 24 hrs. for the time to correct itself after the power outage.

I was thinking that, too, but it sounds like it’s already been three days since the power was restored. :thinking:

But as Roberts said it was more than three days today and still the same issue, by the way what is the mechanism of samsung hub used to update the time ? and how many times it updated per a day also if you know when it updated.

Sorry I didn’t catch the Wednesday part.

You might try toggling the affected automations between enabled, disabled and re-enabled.

You could also try re-saving the affected automations after making a minor change to the name.


Thanks paul, Already I deleted the automation and create new one for all affected, when I do a trail automation for ex swith on the light after 5 min it works perfectly but the automation that takes over night who work with variable time which is usually do the automation lately not earlier

I have a Smartthings WiFi hub and I have been struggling with this issue for a while now. I have numerous time triggered automations and many of them have not been triggering recently. I have turned on and off the automations and even tried recreating them from scratch. Sometimes it works and sometimes it doesn’t. I have actually started using Google Home for time based automations.

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Ok, Update for Today (Monday), for morning automations all work correctly according to selected time, but I do believe you have to study the case as in case the electricity shout off we need to wait 5 days until the hub correct the time ? if this is the case so you can not depend on local automation with SmarthThings hub.

Cloud based rules have been pretty robust for a long time. Local rules had a problem where the sunrise and sunset times didn’t update daily. It looks like it may be fixed now but I endured it for a good two and a half years.

There have been quite a few reports of local rules being delayed after power outage. I have a suspicion that they get set as the number of seconds to the next execution rather than being scheduled for a specific clock time. That might explain a correlation between the amount of time a hub is down and a delay, though of course it wouldn’t justify it.

This case seems a lot stranger if there is no evidence of further outages.


Considering the sequence of events, the following review makes sense:

Let’s review the events that occurred over the past week:

  1. On Wednesday, there was a scheduled electricity shutdown lasting 2 hours.
  2. Thursday morning, I woke up an hour after the automation time only to find all shutters still closed. I attempted to address the issue by turning off the hub for 2 minutes.
  3. Friday, there was a 2-minute delay in automation. I once again tried to resolve the issue by restarting the hub, this time for around 8 minutes.
  4. Saturday morning, there was a 7-minute delay in automation. Later at 10 am, there was another electricity shutdown lasting approximately 57 minutes due to maintenance.
  5. On Sunday, the automation faced a delay of 57 minutes, and I did not take any action.
  6. Today, Monday, the automation functioned correctly and on time.

Based on these events, it seems that there may be an issue with SmartThings updating the time after electricity shutdowns, which may need to be addressed for smoother operations.


Yep. Every time you took the hub off power, you introduced a delay for the same amount of time as the hub had been off power. This has always been true with SmartThings for locally run routines.

This also fits the theory that locally-run routines operate on a Count forward timer rather than being tied to a specific clock time.

This has been reported as a bug going back to 2014, but since they haven’t changed it yet, my guess is it’s just not seen as a high priority.

You should definitely report it as a bug through the “contact us“ option in the app, I just don’t know that much is likely to change anytime soon. :man_shrugging:t2:


Which reminds me: now that more and more stuff runs locally, we probably need to add this as a caution to the Zigbee heal FAQs. Bother! :rage: