SmartThings starter pack + other SmartThings items from Currys UK

Bought Starer pack, another Motion sensor & HD Pro camera as bundle from Currys, UK store. Spent a day or more to install, setup and configure as in the guides / videos.

All installed perfectly without much troubles, except one Motion sensor. Hub easily picked up Sonos network, Philips Hue bridge and 7 bulbs. SmartThings software works perfectly and tied up with other devices into centre hub, even the light controls are better than Philips own mobile app. One problem I noticed is the battery life on all the SmartThings. In less than 48 hours, the battery life is reduced to 77% in open-close sensor & presence sensor and 88% on one of the motion sensor.

I know Currys-PCWorld is one of the worst companies to deal with in UK, still bought from them because I saw they are the only authorised dealer in UK. Called them up for Motion Sensor replacement, but they want all the installed items to send back, though I tried to convince them that Motion sensor I bought is additional to the starter pack. Now I have to remove every installed items including Camera to return. Also according to them they may not have the items in stock, so have to wait and see.

My sensors have shown 88% since new three months ago. Presence sensor shows 50%. I think they report in bands. Rather than exact percentages.

My motion sensors are showing 88% as well and pretty much always such that, they have been in use for about 2 months now.

One thing that caught me out, if you send them back by post rather than take to the store you will need to remove the batteries from the package anyway. Apparently you can no longer send batteries in the post that have been used. I had this with a replacement hub.

Thank you for reassuring and sharing your experience on Battery drain. I do think it might be the weather conditions and distance between hub and sensors. I did placed the Smart wall plug somewhere sensible to act as repeater.

The main issue is uninstalling all (just 2 days old!) and sending back to Currys and waiting for the replacement. They are saying they don’t have in stock and need to request from Samsung, but the funny thing is I’m still able to order the same bundle via their website for 24 hours delivery!

Don’t return is as there is nothing wrong with it.

Hi Adrian, please read first post. I’m okay with battery drain, but one of the Motion sensor is not working. Currys want the entire pack (starter pack+Camera+Motion sensor) to send back and they will issue replacement when the stock is available. I can see stock available for next day delivery, but according to Customer service, they don’t have.

Sorry I missed that bit. I can’t believe that you have to return everything. Did you contact UK smartthings support to see if they could help you with the motion sensor, they might have some suggestions about how to get it to work.

Thanks Adrian, I haven’t tried yet as it’s brand new and thought to give Currys a chance to resolve before contacting Smartthings Customer support. I only heard good things about them, surely contact them if this is not resolved in another 1-2 days. Thanks again.

Sent back the entire pack (for just a fault in motion sensor) on Monday and waiting for the replacement. Everyday I’m over the phone with customer service (will have to wait more than 20 minutes for someone to pick up the line) for status update.

Today I heard that it will take upto 5 days to process the return items and then the delivery action initiates. If I don’t get it by Friday, I’ll have to say goodbye to Samsung Smartthings.

Its not really, Smartthings fault.

You decided to use Curry’s as a return method, with comments from the UK community here and beyond ST’s saying that Curry’s are kack for customer service.

Give ST a chance and next time take the advise above and use ST’s support for all your problems.

Dean: Have I said anywhere blamed Samsung or Smarthings are at fault in any of the postings? An item bought brand new delivered is faulty, it’s the retailer’s responsibility to replace and not the manufacturers. The reason for posting in Smartthings Community, to share my experiences with the product (I did very positive review and nothing negative) and the product itself is “Smartthings”. I didn’t post anything about any other products from Samsung.

Currys is the only authorised retailer in UK, I’ve left with no choice. I do own several of Samsung products including all Fridge, Washing machine, TV, Galaxy series of phones and tablets and I know that if the product is developed in fault in due course, Samsung is responsible but not just delivered products.