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I searched the forums, but did not see any reference to this ‘’ website.

I found it when I selected the ‘+’ to add a new device, and then selected SmartThings, and finally selected Other where I saw an entry called ‘SmartThings Schema virtual device manager’. From there it goes to an oauth login page which reveals this website link.

I haven’t setup an account, so I don’t know what experience this feature offers. The website leads me to believe that any virtual device created would probably run in the cloud instead of local execution so I might not want to use this feature if that’s the case, but having a website where the virtual devices created “can be controlled from a web page hosted by this application” sounds interesting.

I’d like to know what others think of this for a use case scenario, or is it just for developers.

ST Schema is part of the new platform and is intended for cloud to cloud integration with third party systems that use OAuth 2.0

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@JDRoberts is right.

The execution of the virtual devices created with the Schema Connector wouldn’t be local as you guessed.
You can describe what you’re trying to achieve to know which tool is best to use in your case

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good night … is it possible to convert a 3 gang switch DHT so that it executes the 3 switch buttons location?

Hi, do you mean migrating a DTH with 3 components, each with the Switch capability into a Schema connector?
It depends on:

  • The device type, if it’s Hub-Connected (Z-Wave, Zigbee), it can only use a DTH.
  • The device can be accessed through an API, IP address, or similar to send/receive the commands.
  • If you need to connect/authorize to a third-party cloud, it should support OAuth 2.0

As the Schema Connector works with device profiles, you can create the different components and define which capabilities each has.