Smartthings Speaker R5 WAM550

If ST is aware of the issue with the update, as you say, why not just wait for them to fix it?

I have a time window to return the item. If the fix is not satisfactory
and it’s not returned. I get stuck with an unwanted item. Btw sorry for
typos and run on sentences. Doing it at work with interruptions.

Art S.

I purchased one of the WAM range of speakers and I won’t ever again - they are one of the worst try’s at wireless speakers I know of and the ST intergration never works.

You can get it all setup, working perfect in ST, then 20 minutes later it gives up and doesn’t work again, yet it’s on same IP and still responding to other commands.

I’d suggest returning it and getting some of the other brands, shame I couldn’t as mine was an end of product line a local business was selling off.


Got some questions…

What are you using to make your announcements?

Do the speakers support DLNA?

if yes to the second one, you can install the generic media renderer app and connect the speakers to ST that way.

Then use EchoSistant 4 for all of your announcements. If you are not using the Amazon echo, that is ok. You will not have full functionality of the app, but you will still find it very useful for announcements and home controls.

Personally, I use speakers by Pure. The S3 and T2 models are what I have. They actually accept more commands than Sonos, they sound great, and are cheaper… Also available in the UK.

I just got my S3 today from Amazon. Purchased per your recommendation. Can’t wait to hook it up, connect it to EchoSistant, my Dot, and hopefully my goal horn for the NHL smart app.

I love my S3… It’s got built in recharchable batteries… bluetooth it to your phone and take it where ever you want. You can be in the back yard by the pool listening to music (bluetooth) and still get notifications over the wifi on it.

I feel your pain, I wasn’t aware of the issue until it was too late to return the WAM750 I got. At least I got mine on clearance for less than $100. The tech support answer was the same to me… it is not a supported device and that only Bose was but as you also found out the Bose does not support notifications. I did test with Sonos by the way and they have worked flawlessly for me and not cut off the announcements.

I am interested in @bamarayne work around though because these WAM speakers are supposed to support DLNA.

I have Amazon Echo. It would be great if I could make it do the announcements! I can’t seem to find EchoSistant 4 on Google’s Playstore. Am I missing something?

Do a search here on the forums. It is a custom smartapp solution co-authored by @bamarayne

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Oh, it’s not on the playstore… This is a community smart app that myself and another member created.

you can read all about it here…

I guess I should have scrolled down… lol… thanks

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I was doing great but can’t find the oath auth in smart app… there is no
icon or anything for me to click on… another question… once authorized…
how do i link it to Echo?

A. Solanes

Follow this link for detailed instructions on how to enable oAuth in the IDE and smart app.

Once it is installed, it is automatically linked to your Echo.

Read the Wiki carefully.

It will make announcements as if it was the R5 speaker? I am the Wiki area. Not really what to activate to make the Echo act like the Samsung R5 speaker.

You didn’t make the echo act like a speaker. You give the echo commands and tell it to send messages to the speaker.

hmm… i guess i misunderstood. but it was a great learning experience. Is there a speaker that will work with Smartthings besides the Samsung for announcements without too much hacking?

I’m confused… You’re wanting to make announcements right? Is that all? EchoSistant does a whole lot more than just make announcements.

Yes, I mentioned that for you [back in post #9 :blush:] (Smartthings Speaker R5 WAM550). Sonos is the fast and easy plug and play (but a little pricey) solution for audio announcements. Just do a search here in the forums on Sonos Play

replaced with the bose… works very well