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SmartThings Sound Alerts to PC

(Colin Mc Hugo) #1


I am new to SmartThings, i have an apartment with in ceiling speakers in each room connected to a central Windows Machine. I would like to channel alerts to the PC when certain things happen with smart things as well as announcing weather and turning on the internet radio in the morning.

I want to create a Jarvis (Ironman) type environment where “Hello X” when I or my partner arrives into the apartment and such like.

Can anyone assist with this please?

thanks alot


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(Greg) #2

I think “VLC Thing” is what you’re looking for.

(Colin Mc Hugo) #3

Thank you Greg, I am trying to set it up but i think the documentation is out of date. As the steps bring you to the “IDE” editor window that “should open now” but doesnt. So if you have any other ideas i would appreciate them but thanks again much appreciated.


I can’t believe I didn’t come across this before. I started tinkering with something this weekend for this.

I wanted something to announce when a door opens, similar to commercial security systems I have seen.

I built a simple web service that uses espeak for TTS and put together a SmartApp to call the web service.

I’ve got it running on a Debian VM right now until my Raspberry Pi comes in and I can install Raspbian on it.

(Colin Mc Hugo) #5

Tell me how you get on as I viukdnt get it working on my windows 7 machine.



I was able to get the VLCThing to work with VLC on my macbook.

I followed the steps from the new vlc_thing github to set it up.

I’m not fully satisfied with how it works for TTS, because it depends on the SmartThings cloud to generate the text as an mp3. That mp3 is then downloaded from the cloud and played locally. Admittedly that mp3 sounds better than what I am getting from espeak but I haven’t spent a lot of time tuning the epseak parameters.

I was able to create a DeviceType supporting speechSynthesis to call my HTTP web service (interface to espeak) without needing the ST cloud. Then my SmartApp can select the device by capability (as well as send push and SMS notifications). I’m waiting on some last pieces for my Raspberry Pi setup to finish this little project.

(Colin Mc Hugo) #7

Hi shikkie

Any more ideas how i could get a weather update and basic info update in the morning via PC output? I know there are a few “Jarvis” projects going on around the net but i have not found one for my area that will do this for me. Thanks again