SmartThings + Sonos Discovery

Alright this is frustrating community. Here is a little bit about my newtwork:

I own 5 Sonos Play 1’s. I have 4-5 Networks at the house. Sonos lives on Private Wifi in the Network with full blown access to everything including other networks. The hub (Which by the way is retarded that we cannot hardcode an IP address on or even know what it is easily) is also on the network.

I go into the app and attempt to do a device discovery it isn’t finding them…How long does this actually take. I’ve waited 5 plus minutes? How can the Sonos mobile or dekstop app find them right away and Smartthings is taking ages without any luck?

My wireless access points are cisco 1142’s I have 5 in the house
My router is PFSENSE running in VMware.

Just from your note above (I myself do not have Sonus speakers) I see that you are using autodiscovery. Depending on the device I have not found that this is always reliable. Try going to the Marketplace>Entertainment>Speakers>Sonus and see if that is able to find your Sonus Players

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Just a word of advice, when you do get them discovered set the Sonos speakers to a static IP. If you don’t and their IP changes SmartThings will get them confused and play audio on random speakers if at all.

Yes, I would recommend doing this with the HUB as well. And any network device that requires discovery.

Basically after much google foo you have to have the Sonos hard wired to the same switch or same router along with the Smartthings hub in the same switch. Then run the Sonos connect. After you have them connected then you can move them back to wherever you had them with wireless. This should be better documented via Sonos or Smartthings.

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