Smartthings Socket - LED indicator doesn’t remain on

Purchased a few more Smartthings sockets/power outlets. These are the newer version with the manual over-ride button on the top.
Unlike the original version, the indicator doesn’t remain on, whilst the socket is activated. Is this correct?
The Mk 1’s have a blue indicator on either side, that remains on, when the socket is activated.
The new ones have a single green indicator top right, this illuminates when the socket is powered up, but then goes off after about 15 seconds.
Not sure I like this feature, I have several devices that aren’t lights in themselves and don’t have their own tell-tale indicator, so unless I look at the app, I don’t know if the socket is actually powered up.
Is this extinguishing of the light correct - do other people experience this? Or have I got duff sockets?
If they do go out automatically, is there any way, I can make the LED remain illuminated.