SmartThings slowing down

(Lee Florack) #1

Yesterday, and especially today, some of my timed events are running 5-7 minutes past their scheduled times. Anyone else?

(Christopher) #2

Just checked my logs and all of my routines ran on time yesterday and today. Doubt it makes any difference, but I’m running SmartRules. Cheers!

(Dan) #3

I have a consistent delay of “turn on light” actions at 0700 EST every day. It’s amazingly consistent; it appears to go back to normal by the time I’m home from work. Prior to 0700 EST, it’s also working fine.

Very odd behavior, but at least the consistency should help troubleshoot.

(Lee Florack) #4

0700, like any on-the-hour times, is a busy time for SmartThings. Timed events have a tendency to be slow if set for on-the-hour execution. If you try to move them a few minutes either way, that may help. What are you using to turn the switch on? Is that set OK?

By the way, over the weekend, I had my thermostat run 26-31 minutes late for CoRE-generated set-point changes three different times. It’s not the piston that are causing it as it normally work fine.

(Dan) #5


What’s interesting is that the activities that trigger the action are always supposed to occur regardless of mode or time: Open a door, turn on a light. What I’ve noticed is that starting at 0700 EST, the action becomes: “Open a Door, [Delay], turn on a light.”

The “delay” is only there starting at 0700. It’s fine before 0700 and when I return home from work; it’s also fine on weekends (which means activity around 0730).


(Dan) #7

I’m getting a lot more delays today and of late, including things just not firing. Happens both with CoRE and SmartLighting. I’ve had an open ticket for over two weeks. @tslagle13

(Steve White) #8

Scheduled automations have been screwy all day today. A morning furnace setpoint change ran twice today, the second time at a completely unexpected time. None of my scheduled lighting automations have run today.

Something is up but it’s probably the first time I’ve had this happen in months so I’m not overly alarmed yet.