SmartThings SkyBell HD Integration Released

(Realy Living Dream) #163

I’m probably going to jynx myself, but if anything skybell motion trigger is too consistent. Way too many false ST notifications even with SB sensitivity on low.

(Colin) #164

You get them in ST?

(Todd Moore) #165

Installed a new SB Trim Plus tonight. I get the same constant notification about the chimes off (even though they aren’t) and that is it. I get no button press or motion in ST. Actually I get no motion in the SB app either, but the button press does work.

(Colin) #166

in the SB app, make sure Motion alerts are enabled, and put the sensitivity on low

(Todd Moore) #167

that was the first thing I tried… still nothing


Anyone have a solution to the Skybell showing up every 5 minutes in the activity feed along with the bell and indoor/outdoor chime off? Just installed mine 3 days ago and it clogs up my feed. Thanks I’m advance.

(Realy Living Dream) #169

Turn off the motion sensor. Even set on low ( I assume) the Christmas lights are making it go nuts. I ended up turning off the motion sensor on SB.


I am in the same boat as you. Both button and motion triggers do not get recognized by ST. The SB app works well for me so far. Motion and button triggers are spot on.

I think its more of a ST integration problem.

(Paul) #171

I’ve had my Skybell HD for about a year. I think the DTH is just buggy. The motion works off and on at best. I’m ok with the every 5 minutes reporting, I think that’s pretty normal for external devices, like hue, or harmony, etc.

What annoys me the most, is the indoor and outdoor chime showing up as off, even though they are on. If I turn them on in ST, they just show as off the next 5 minute refresh. Its been like that since day one.

Love the SB, dislike using it with ST

(Realy Living Dream) #172

I don’t see the 5 minute delay. Well occasionally I do, I just attribute it to cloud delay.
I do agree that as far as SB/ST integration it is nothing more than an overpriced motion sensor and not a very good one at that, way too many false alerts.

(Mike) #173

I am having the same issue with notifications not working when there is motion or the button is pushed and a picture being taken and notification that the indoor and outdoor chime is off every 5 minutes. The weird thing is, is that it is every 5 minutes on the 5 minute mark 12:30, 12:35, 12:40 and so on unless I push the image button in the “Thing” from my home page then it will do the aforementioned at that new time interval. I also noticed that when I click on my Skybell in the My home tab it shows 3 tabs at the top “Right Now”, “Recently” and “SmartApps”. In the “SmartApps” tab it shows the Skybell as online but it also says “No installed SmartApps” Could this be an issue as to why Im not getting notifications and that it’s taking pictures every 5 minutes. I checked and in “Automation” under “SmartApps” it shows the Skybell (Connect) SmartApp and it shows connected to the Skybell. With all this the Native Skybell App still works ok but I would like it to work in Smartthings so I only have to go to 1 App for all of my smart home automation. Any help that anyone can give would be very appreciated.

(Realy Living Dream) #174

It would only show smartapps if you are using the SB in another app. Like using the SB motion sensor to trigger another event, like lights turning on. I use it to turn on the hall light and turn up the brightness of the porch lights.
As far as sounding every 5 minutes exactly, I have no clue.

(Paul) #175

The 5 minutes under “recently” is pretty common for cloud based apps. For example, if you have a harmony Hub, it wont report to smartthings its status right away. It polls every 5 minutes, and then updates status.

I think the main difference is that the skybell does have a new “Status” every 5 minutes.

(Mehrdad) #176

I am having the same issue mentioned above. I got he SkyBell Trim Plus and added it to ST. The door chime always shows ‘off’ and when the SB button is pressed, it does not trigger ST. I started a live log and got the following error:

074305d5-0d36-48db-b527-f37792110055 10:56:44 AM: error groovy.lang.MissingPropertyException: No such property: id for class: java.lang.String
074305d5-0d36-48db-b527-f37792110055 10:56:44 AM: debug handleEvent: [event:[event_type:device:sensor:button, callId:c018a190-14c8-56c2-b359-53dd9203fda7], device:5a342204dc61120006542cd4, user:5a2efb098c0dff0006ef3765]
10:56:20 AM: info Waiting on events…
10:56:20 AM: info For past logs for individual things go to the My Devices section, find the device and click on the Events link on the device information page.
10:56:20 AM: info This console provides live logging of your SmartThings.

Anyone have any ideas?

(Colin) #177

We’re stuck waiting. ST support’s last update to me was that they were able to duplicate the incorrect behavior, but they were not able to to provide any details about how soon it would be fixed

(Mehrdad) #178

Hi Colin,

Thanks for getting back to me. That’s some good news that they are aware of
the issue and are looking for a resolution. Did they give you any details
about what might be causing this issue? When I spoke to them, they had no
idea. Obviously I spoke to a tech support rep and not a developer.

Any info is appreciated!

Thanks again,

(Mehrdad) #179

I spoke to both ST and SB and they could not confirm much. I was told that SB would get a developer to look at the error and may get back to me. I logged a ticket with them so let’s wait and see what happens. I’ll post back once I get more info.

Out of curiosity, how long have ST or SB been aware of the issue?

(Cristofer Johnson) #180

At least a year.

(Disforw) #181

Any news on this?? I have 2 SkyBell devices that are now useless to me. I use the button press to trigger a zwave siren.

(Daniel Pena) #182

I received a reply back from support that essentially told me to restart my Skybell HD and re add it to smart things, I did it again just in case they fixed something, but still no motion or button presses being passed to smartthings. I let them know it still didn’t work so we’ll see.